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Saturday, 23 March 2013 18:41

EC-2013 fifth day: Elchin Aliyev won a silver, Kamran Mammadov won a bronze medal / PHOTO-VIDEO

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The European Championship is held in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. On the fifth day of the tournament, sportsmen essayed their powers in Greco-Roman wrestling in 55, 60, 96 and 120 kg categories.

55 kg
1/8 final – Elchin Aliyev - Kristian Gazdag (SRB) (4:0, 5:0)
1/4 final - Elchin Aliyev - Fatih Uchuncu (TUR) (1:0, 2:0)
1/2 final - Elchin Aliyev - Viktor Chiobanu (MDA) (1:0, 0:6, 6:0)
FINAL - Elbek Tajiyev (BLR) –Elchin Aliyev (0:1, 1:0, 4:0)

Having scored a victory in all matches, ElchinAliyev reached the final round at the European Championship. Before the final match, he won against his rivals from Serbia, Turkey and Moldova. In the final match our wrestler had to compete against ElbekTajiyev, sportsman from Belarus. This was the third time ElchinAliyev wanted to become European champion, however our wrestler could not fulfill his wish and had to settle for the silver medal.

60 kg
1/8 final - Kamran Mammadov - Donior Islamov (MDA) (1:0, 2:0)
1/4 final - Ivo Serafimov Angelov (BUL) - Kamran Mammadov (1:0, 2:1)
Repechage - Lorenzo Gentile (ITA) - Kamran Mammadov (0:6, 0:1)
Bronze medal match - Kamran Mammadov - Maxim Khazarski (BLR) (1:0, 2:0)

Having scored a victory in his first match, Kamran Mammadov lost his second match to the Bulgarian wrestler. However, his Bulgarian rival reached the final, thus Kamran Mammadov received another chance to win the bronze medal. Having scored a brilliant victory against his Italian rival in the repechage match, our wrestler competed against Maxim Khazarski, wrestler from Belarus, in the bronze medal match. Kamran Mammadov gave no chance to his rival and became the bronze medalist of the European Championship.

96 kg
1/16 final - Marius Hamlet Nielsen (NOR) - Shalva Gadabadzeh (0:1, 1:3)
1/8 final - DaigarTimoncini (ITA) - Shalva Gadabadzeh (0:1, 0:5)
1/4 final - Alin Aleksuc-Ciarariu (ROU) - Shalva Gadabadzeh (0:1, 0:3)
1/2 final - Shalva Gadabadzeh - Arthur Aleksanyan (ARM) (0:1, 0:3)
Bronze medal match - Jenk Ildem (TUR) - Shalva Gadabadzeh (0:1, 1:0, 1:0)

Shalva Gadabadzeh met no obstacles until the semifinal match and he easily won against his rivals from Norway, Italy and Romania. Our wrester lost in the semifinal and competed for the bronze medal of the tournament. The match against Turkish wrestler JenkIldem turned out to be unlucky for our wrestler and he came in fifth.

120 kg
1/8 final - Radomir Petkovich - Rza Kayaalp (TUR) (0:1, 0:2)
Repechage - Radomir Petkovich - Joseph Juqoshvili (BLR) (0:1, 0:1)

Despite the fact that our representative in the heavyweight category lost his first match to his Turkish rival Rza Kayaalp, he had another chance to join the repechage match, as his rival reached the final. However, our wrestler could not take advantage of this chance.
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