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Saturday, 08 November 2014 21:56

Our women wrestlers rank second at the European Nations’ Cup

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The European Nations’ Cup wrestling tournament started in Moscow, capital of Russia, today. The tournament is held among teams. The wrestlers from Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Bulgaria and Sweden are also participating at the tournament besides the Azerbaijani team.

The women wrestled on the first day of the tournament. According to the regulations, the teams competed in two subgroups. According to the results of the draw, Azerbaijani wrestlers competed against the Ukrainian and Bulgarian teams in the same subgroup. Our girls scored 5:3 in both sets of matches and ranked first within their own subgroup. The Russian wrestlers ranked first in the other subgroup.

Thus, the final round of female wrestling at the European Nations’ Cup tournament was held between the national teams of Azerbaijan and Russia. The Azerbaijani team ranked second at the European Nations’ Cup and thus our girls became the silver medalists.

Subgroup B

Bulgaria – AZERBAIJAN 3:5

AZERBAIJAN – Ukraine 5:3

48 kg
53 kg
55 kg
58 kg
60 kg
63 kg
69 kg
75 kg

Georgiyeva – Patimat Bagomedova 4:10
Yankova – Solmaz Hazhimzadeh 9:8
Nikolova – Alyona Kolesnik 8:0
Hristova – Irina Netreba 0:3
Bobeva – Natalia Sinishin 2:1
Taybe Yusein – Elmira Gambarova 4:6
Vaseva – Nadia Sementsova 1:6
Ivanova – Gozal Zutova 3:5

48 kg
53 kg
55 kg
58 kg
60 kg
63 kg
69 kg
75 kg

Patimat Bagomedova – Ribak 9:0
Solmaz Hashimzadeh – Blakhina 5:2 (by fall)
Alyona Kolesnik – Khariv 8*:8
Irina Netreba – Anna Vasilenko 0:3
Natalia Sinishin – Tatiana Omelchenko 3:6
Elmira Gambarova – Svetlana Rijikova 4:3
Nadia Sementsova – Alina Makhina 2:4
Gozal Zutova– Katerina Burmistrova 14:2


Russia – AZERBAIJAN 8:0

48 kg
53 kg
55 kg
58 kg
60 kg
63 kg
69 kg
75 kg

Nadejda Fyodorova – Patimat Bagomedova 7:6
Natalia Malisheva – Solmaz Hashimzadeh 12:0
Irina Ologonova – Alyona Kolesnik 8:6
Valeria Koblova – Irina Netreba 5:0
Jorgalmad Tsirenova – Natalia Sinishin 5:0
Inna Trajukova – Elmira Gambarova 7:4
Natalia Vorobyova – Nadia Sementsova 2*:4
Alyona Starodubtseva – Gozal Zutova 13:3

Our team competed at the tournament under the Head Coach Semyon Chterev and Senior Coach Konstantin Konorev. The team includes Ayan Mammadova (48 kg), Patimat Bagomedova (53 kg), Solmaz Hashimzadeh, Alyona Kolesnik (both 55 kg), Irina Netreba (58 kg), Natalia Shinishin (60 kg), Elmira Gambarova (63 kg), Nadia Sementsova (69 kg), Sabira Aliyeva and Gozat Zutova (75 kg).                                   

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