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Wednesday, 21 August 2013 15:01

“Azeri” WC becomes the winner in freestyle wrestling at “Young Olympians” tournament / PHOTO-VIDEO

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The “Young Olympians” freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling tournament among cadets (born in 1999-2000) has started at the Sports Hall of the Azerbaijan Technical University.

The purpose of the tournament is to discover promising freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestlers and evaluate the work of the club trainers at the wrestling clubs, functioning under the representation number 1 of Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation.

According to the program the cadet freestyle wresters competed on the first two days of the tournament. The results stand as following:

Group A
Hayat WC
Mushvigabad WC
Khosrov Jafarov WC

6 UGGIM (Sports Wrestling School for Children and Youth) – Hayat WC4-6
CSCA Hayat WC 8-1
CSCA Mushvigabad WC 7-3
Khosrov Jafarov WC - 6 UGGIM 6-4  
Mushvigabad WC - 6 UGGIM 7-3
Khosrov Jafarov WC Hayat WC 6-4
CSCA - 6 UGGIM 9-1
Mushvigabad WC Khosrov Jafarov WC4-6
Hayat WC  Mushvigabad WC 5-5*
CSCAKhosrov Jafarov WC 6-4

2. Khosrov Jafarov WC
3. Mushvigabad WC

4. Hayat WC
5. 6 UGGIM

Group B
Nardaran WC
Azeri WC
Baku WC
Khazri WC

Baku WC– Nardaran WC 2-7
Nardaran WC– Azeri WC 3-7
Baku WC - Khazri WC 0-9
Khazri WC– Azeri WC 2-8
Nardaran WC – Khazri WC 1-8
Azeri WC - Baku WC 8-1

1. Azeri WC
2. Khazri WC
3. Nardaran WC
4. Baku WC

According to the results of the group matches Hayat WC and Baku WC competed for 7-8th places, Mushvigabad WC and Nardaran WC competed for 5-th places, Khosrov Jafarov competed against Khazri WC for 3-4th places and CSCA competed against Azeri WC in the final.

1. Azeri WC

3. Khosrov Jafarov WC
4. Khazri WC
5. Mushvigabad WC
6. Nardaran WC
7. Hayat WC
8. Baku WC
9. 6 UGGIM

The top three teams in the tournament were awarded by Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation with diplomas, cups and presents.

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