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Monday, 15 July 2013 19:47

Universiade-2013: Rasul Chunayev won a gold, Eldaniz Azizli won a bronze medal / PHOTO-VIDEO

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The 27th International Universiade wrestling matches continue in Kazan, Russia.

According to the program, the Greco-Roman wrestlers competed in 55, 66, 84 and 120 kg categories on the fifth day. Our wrestlers completed the day with 1 gold and 1 bronze medal.

55 kg
Eldaniz Azizli
joined the competition from 1/8 final and won a confident victory against Brazil’s Rafael Camargos (8:0). In the ¼ final, Eldaniz wrestled against Kyrgyz Eldiyar Begaliyev. Having won (4:3) the match, our wrestler reached the semifinal, where he lost to Russia’s Ivan Tatarinov. Our wrestler competed for the bronze medal. In the decisive match, Eldaniz Azizli won against the Turkish wrestler Ferhat Tekin (6:2) and became the bronze medalist of the Universiade.

66 kg
Rasul Chunayev
joined the tournament from 1/16 final and scored a brilliant victory against Germany’s Tony Stade (7:0). Having won against the Polish Grigorz Wanke (8:0) in the next round, Rasul reached the ¼ final. This time our wrestler competed against the Turkish representative Muhammet Kojatinaz and won with great superiority (6:0). In the semifinal Rasul Chunayev won against Iran’s Afshin Byabangard (7:1). In the final, Rasul Chunayev scored a confident victory against Russia’s Islambek Albiyev in 32 seconds (8:0) and won the gold medal of the tournament.

84 kg
Fuad Aliyev
started the tournament from 1/16 final and competed against Georgia’s Beka Rokva. However, this bout was not successful for our wrestler. After receiving 3 warnings, Fuad Aliyev had to finish early.

120 kg
Abbas Abdullayev
won against Estonia’s Kaarel Maaten (9:2) in the 1/8 final. However, the bout against the Hungarian wrestler Balint Lam in the ¼ final was unsuccessful for our sportsman.

We would like to remind that both of our freestyle wrestling teams have completed the tournament. Our men won 1 silver and 1 bronze medal, our female wrestlers brought home 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal.

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