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Saturday, 28 November 2015 20:45

GGP-2015: female wrestlers gained 1 silver medal / PHOTO

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The final stage of the “Gold Grand Prix” international wrestling tournament dedicated to the memory of the nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev is going on in Baku Sport Hall. About 450 wrestlers from 41 countries are competing at the tournament.

In the second day of the competitions were determined winners in female wrestling in 48, 53, 55, 58, 60, 63, 69 and 75 kg weighting categories.

Our wrestlers completed the competitions with 1 silver medal. Our sportsmen Natalia Sinishin (
55 kg) confidently progressed to the final. But in the decisive bout she lost to Chinese athlete and become runner up of the tournament. Members of the national team Shafag Muradzade (48 kg), Anjela Dorogan (53 kg), Alyona Kolesnik (55 kg), Elmira Gambarova (63 kg) and Sabira Aliyeva (75 kg) took the mat for bronze medal bouts but none of them managed to rise to the victory stand.

We would like to remind that in the first day of the competitions our freestyle wrestlers gained 3 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze medals.

48 kg
Bronze medal bout
Miho Igraşi (JPN) - Shafag Muradzade 12:0
Repechage bout

Shafag Muradzade - Mareka Şidoçi (JPN)7:2
1/8 final 
Valentina Islamova (RUS) - Shafag Muradzade 10:0

53 kg
Bronze medal bout 
Odunaku Adekauoreye (NGR) - Anjela Dorogan 10:0 
1/2 final
Helen Marolin (USA) - Anjela Dorogan 9:0
1/4 final
Anjela Dorogan
- Angelia Arquello (VEN)4:3
Round of 16
Anjela Dorogan- Merve Kelger (TUR)12:2
Solmaz Hashimzade - Jildiz Yeşimova (KAZ) 2:10

55 kg
Liu Hui (CHN) - Natalya Sinishin 6:1
Bronze medal bout
Hikari Sugavara (JPN) - Alyona Kolesnik 2:1
Repechage bout
Almaz Ismayilova - Hikari Sugavara (JPN) 0:10
1/2 final
Alyona Kolesnik -Natalya Sinishin 1:4
1/4 final
Natalya Sinishin
- Hikari Sugavara (JPN)5:3
Tetyana Kit (UKR) -Alyona Kolesnik 0:6
Round of 16
Almaz Ismayilova -Natalya Sinishin 0:11
Carlene Sluberski (USA) -Alyona Kolesnik 4:5


58 kg 
1/4 final 
Yuliya Ratkevich - Aiym Abdildina (KAZ) 0:3
1/8 final 
Yuliya Ratkevich -
Tiina Vaimonpaa (FIN) 10:0

60 kg

Round of 16
Irina Netreba - Yukako Kavai (JPN) 5:11

63 kg
Bronze medal bout
Elmira Gambarova - Anastasiya Grigoryeva (LAT)  3:6
Repechage bout
Enkbayar Tsevegmid (MGL) -Elmira Gambarova 1:2
1/4 final
Valeriya Lazinskaya (RUS) - Ragnetta Gurbanzae 8:4
Taybe Yusein (BUL) - Elmira Gambarova 11:1
Round of 16
Soronzonbold Battsetgen (MGL) -Ragnetta Gurbanzade 8:11
Elmira Gambarova- Xi Luo Zudma (CHN)1*:1
Round of 32
Yekaterina Larionova (KAZ) -Ragnetta Gurbanzade 2:2* 

69 kg
1/4 final
Gozal Zutova - Rio Vatari (JPN) 4:14
Round of 16
Elis Manolova -Gozal Zutova 2:3

75 kg 
Bronze medal bout
Sabira Aliyeva - Yekaterina Bukina (RUS) 0:11
1/4 final 
Jou Gian (CHN) - Sabira Aliyeva 10:3

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