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Saturday, 09 August 2014 15:17

Ajdar JAFAROV: The entire wrestling world is shocked with Azerbaijan’s victories

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The general secretary of Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation Ajdar Jafarov talked of the brilliant performance of the Azerbaijani wrestlers, who won six gold, one silver and two bronze medals and the Junior World Championship.

6 gold medals in 4 days – noone expected that. Let’s start our conversation from the Greco-Roman wrestlers, who won five gold medals.

To be honest, we didn’t expect such results either. The wrestling history does not bear such example, when sportsmen from one country reach the final round in six weight classes. And everybody was amazed when that happened – both the members of teams and the heads of the international federation.

And how would you explain such performance?

The reason is quite simple – everything is done for success. The administration of the federation creates all the conditions, the guys are training as hard as they can and the trainers are preparing seriously for all the significant tournaments. The wrestlers had two camps before Zagreb – in Baku and in Gusar. I watched all the bouts of our wrestlers and would like to note a very important factor – they are significantly stronger than their competitors. And if we had only three gold medals two years ago, this year we have had five victories. And we also have a victory in team rankings with 54 points. I would once again like to point out the names of the winners – Elman Mukhtarov, Orkhan Nuriyev, Ibrahim Nurullayev, Murad Mammadov and Islam Abbasov. We dedicate these victories to the Azerbaijani soldiers, who lost their lives on the frontline recently.

Some of these wrestlers talked of their victories against Armenians upon arriving home. This also coincided with a rather complicated political situation.

Four of our wrestlers had to wrestle against Armenians according to the draw and each time the victory was on our side. I would like to especially note Ruhin Mikayilov, who had to wrestle against Grant Kalachyan, who had won the European Championship a month earlier. To be honest, I was worried about Ruhin, but he managed to focus on the bout and win against his strong competitor, performing the last throw 10 seconds before the end of the match. The Armenians were in shock. They were hoping that their champion would also win the World Championship, but Mikayilov proved to be stronger.

The word has it that the Armenian trainer beat Kalachyan up after the bout…

Yes, everything happened right before the eyes of the audience and participants. The trainer could not stop himself and started yelling at his sportsman and hit him several times. Unfortunately, Ruhin later lost in the final, but his path towards the decisive match was worth a lot. He simply lost too much strength and he didn’t have enough for the last match.

Probably some of these heroes will be transferred to the first team. Is that so?

Two of them will still remain in the junior team and the others will join the first team. Upon arriving home, I am going to talk to the coach of the national team Jamshid Kheyrabadi so that the heroes of the junior championship can train with the bests. One of these days one of them can even win at the 2016 Olympics. But of course they have to work very hard for that to happen.

Let’s talk about the girls, who also won quite a number of medals.

We were especially happy with Sabira Aliyeva’s results. She became the champion. There is another reason why we were so happy, because it was a success of an Azerbaijani. We have been trying to develop female wrestling for such a long time and now we can see local sportswomen, who achieve great results on the international arena.

And there are the freestylers ahead…

We also expect medals from them. Junior wrestling is a very important branch in the Azerbaijani wrestling. The president of the national federation Fazil Mammadov has said on numerous occasions that it is the immediate team reserves and that we have to pay special attention to them. The Vice President of the national federation Namik Aliyev has visited the camps and tournaments of the junior team many times. And in Zagreb, when the entire wrestling world was shocked with the Azerbaijani victories, it became obvious that everything is developing in the right direction. Even the ill-wishers of the Azerbaijani wrestling, who always named the refereeing as the reason, also suddenly became quiet. What else can be said, when our wrestlers are winning confidently?

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