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Saturday, 26 July 2014 03:59

Semyon Chterev: ‘I am happy with the results of our wrestlers’

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The Coach of the Azerbaijani national freestyle wrestling team Semyon Chterev says he is happy with the performance of our wrestlers at the Final “Golden Grand Prix” international wrestling tournament, dedicated to the memory of the national leader Heydar Aliyev.

‘The “Golden Grand Prix” sort of became a challenge for the leading wrestlers of Azerbaijan before the World Championship to be held in Tashkent. We will be defining the national team to compete at the championship according to the results we yielded at this tournament. I am happy with our wrestlers’ performance. I would like to stress out especially that the sportsmen, who competed at the tournament, are strongerthan they have ever been before.

I would like to draw your attention to how many of our guys reached the finals. And this was at a time when not all of our leading wrestlers could compete at the tournament. I would like to especially note the performances of Haji Aliyev and Jabrayil Hasanov. They are the main candidates to make the national team, I cannot yet comment on other weight classes.

Actually, I would not like to announce the names to make the national team beforehand, because it never positively affects both the members of the main and the second team. All the guys should know that all of them have a chance to make it.

Hamzat Osmanov, Sharif Sharifov and Jamaladdin Mohammedov, who could not compete at the “Golden Grand Prix” tournament due to injuries, will also be joining the camp, with a condition that they have fully recovered by then.

I will announce the wrestlers who will compete at the World Championship at the conclusion of the last training camp to be held in Baku. Until then, we are planning to train in Minsk.’

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