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Thursday, 18 May 2017 00:08

ISG-2017: Kamran, Elvin and Islam gained gold, Sabah bronze medalist / PHOTO

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Wrestling competitions within IV Islamic Solidarity Games taking place in our capital are going on in Heydar Aliyev Sport Arena. National teams on freestyle, Greco-roman and female wrestling compete at the Games.

In the first day of the competitions Orkhan Nuriyev (98 kg) gained gold, Rafig Huseynov runner up, Murad Mammadov (59 kg) and Rasul Chunayev (71 kg) became bronze medalists.

In the second day of the Games were determined winners in Greco-roman wrestling in 66, 75, 85 and 130 kg weighting categories. Kamran Mammadov (60 kg), Elvin Mursaliyev (75 kg) and Islam Abbasov (85 kg) beating all rivals gained gold medals of IV Islamic Solidarity Games. Our representative in 130 kg Sabah Shariati became bronze medalist.

So, Greco-roman competitions at IV Islamic Solidarity Games has finished. Members of our team completed competitions gaining 4 gold, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals.

66 kg
FINAL -Z.Kilibayev (KGZ) -Kamran Mammadov 0:9
1/2 final -Kamran Mammadov -M.Rakhmatov (UZB) 6:0
1/4 final - M.Zeidvand (IRI) -Kamran Mammadov 0:6

75 kg
FINAL- Furkan Bayrak (TUR) -Elvin Mursaliyev 0:1
1/2 final -Elvin Mursaliyev -K.Togulbaev (KGZ) 3:2
1/4 final -Elvin Mursaliyev- R.Garmsiri (IRI) 6:1

85 kG 
FiNAL-Islam Abbasov -Ali Cengiz (TUR) 3:1
1/2 final -Islam Abbasov -A.Beishebekov (KGZ) 3:1
1/4 final - Fallahhamidabadi (IRI) -Islam Abbasov 1:2

130 kg 
Bronze medal match- R.Alkrad (SYR) -Sabah Shariati 0:9
1/2 final - M.Abdullaev (UZB) - Sabah Shariati 8:0
1/4 final - Sabah Shariati - M.A.Khan (PAK) 9:0

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