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Tuesday, 11 April 2017 11:24

United World Wrestling published new rules in seeding system

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United World Wrestling has approved a seeding of the top four athletes in each weight category at the 2017 World Championships in Paris.

The seeding is based on the results of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio (BRA), the 2016 Senior World Championship in Budapest (HUN) and the 2017 Senior Continental Championships and the top seed four sportsmen will not participate in draw.

The points will be awarded as follows:

*If a weight category only has one bronze medal (by example Nordic System), the athlete ranked in the fourth place will get 7 points.

The number of participants for each event also effects the points calculation. For instance, if at 70 kg, there were 40 participants at the World Championships, the world champion will receive 25 + 40 pts = 65 points. This way, competitions with many participants will award more points than the ones with fewer participants.

An athlete only receives points on a different way. If sportsman wasn’t participant of Rio Olympiad is going to World championship in this case he would participate in seeding.

Sportsman being on the first place in the ranking in the competition score sheet will take up position in the top group. Third of the ranking will compete in the end of the top group, the second will join the competition in the top of low group of the score sheet. The fourth in the ranking will take up position in the end of the low group of the score sheet.

Sportsmen not to participate in the seeding will be released from qualification stage. If as a result of the seeding 3 sportsmen are released from qualification stage in this case the fourth wrestler will start from round of 32. If 2 sportsmen are released 3rd and 4th sportsmen in the ranking, if 3 sportsmen are released then 2nd, 3rd and 4th sportsmen will start from qualification stage.

If one of or several sportsmen taking up position in the first four don’t participate at the championship the sportsmen located in the next positions will occupy their place.

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