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Sərbəst güləşçilərimizdən 7 nəfəri ilk onluqda / REYTİNQ
Ceremonial event dedicated to the sport totals of the 2016 was held / PHOTO
Our wrestlers during 2016 year gained 62 gold, 61 silver and 132 bronze medals
Cadets return from Kaspiysk gaining 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals / PHOTO
Cadet wrestlers will compete for prize of the world champion
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Thursday, 06 October 2016 13:57

New amendment in Greco-roman wrestling – par-terre was eliminated / ORDER

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A while ago United World Wrestling made some amendments in Greco-roman wrestling rules. One of these amendments was eliminating par-terre rule in cadets and juniors competitions. And after Rio Olympiad it was decided to re-consider this amendment in senior group age as well. (see: 5 point evaluation in Greco-roman was restored / AMENDMENT)

United World Wrestling has already affirmed this amendment being applied in all senior-level Greco-Roman competitions during 6 months of the last year and will be applied at the seniors competitions as well. That is applying par-terre rule for passive wrestling was eliminated.

First time issue a verbal warning to the passive wrestler by using UWW vocabulary without stopping the bout. Second time same wrestler is passive, referee will give 1st passivity warning, again without stopping the bout. Third time when the same wrestler is passive, referee will give 2nd passivity warning and 1 technical point to his opponent, again without stopping the bout. Every further passivity will result in 1 technical point to the opponent, all without stopping the bout.

In all of these case warning for passive wrestling and giving point to the opponent the bout won’t be stopped as mentioned above.
Source: UWW official website

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