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Saturday, 13 June 2015 21:50

Rasul Chunayev: ‘As a soldier of Azerbaijan, I am very proud that…’ / PHOTO

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‘When I joined the World Championship, I had been serving in the army for a month. And now I have another month to go before my service finishes. As a soldier of Azerbaijan, I am very proud to have brought a medal to our country both as a soldier and as a sportsman’, said the Azerbaijani sportsman Rasul Chunayev, who won a gold medal in Greco-Roman wrestling at Baku 2015 first European Games today and saluted the Commander in Chief Ilham Aliyev.

He also talked about his path to the final round: ‘I have wrestled against the Hungarian sportsman, who I won against in the final today, 4 times already. I won twice and he won twice. He had won in Baku the last time. So this was a revenge match for me. I scored 4 points in the first period and then decided to go into defense, because I was ill before the competition and I was out of breath. I was not going to hand the gold medal to someone else at our home competition and that is what I achieved. I wrestled against the Moldovan representative in the first bout. He had become the European Champion at U-23 championship this year. It was a very intense match. Afterwards I fought against a very experienced Croatian sportsman. I have also had 4 bouts against him until now. I won this time as well. Then I scored an easy victory against the Bulgarian wrestler in the semifinal. And then came the victory in the final round.’

The European Games Champion says the more or less weak performance in the first bout was also due to his illness: ‘As I said, I was ill. That is why the first bout was quite difficult. I was winning 6:0, but I thought it was supposed to be 8:0, the referee didn’t give my two points. I focused on defense after that, because I had to spare my breath. Then I just let the time pass by giving several points and won at the end. And that is exactly what I managed to achieve.’

He says he dedicates this victory to all people that have had an input in it, to the people of Azerbaijan and especially the head of state: ‘Our dear Azerbaijan, headed by Mr. President, is made for victories. I am very happy to have brought the first gold medal in wrestling at the European Games.’

We would like to note that our representative in 71 kg weight class in freestyle wrestling Rasul Chunayev won against the Hungarian sportsman Balint Korpasi in the final match and became the gold medalist.

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