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Tuesday, 17 March 2015 11:32

Jamshid Kheyrabadi: “Competition among wrestlers is a must” / PHOTO

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Only recently our Greco-Roman wrestlers became the champions at the World Cup, held in Teheran, capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and opened a new page in the sports history of Azerbaijan. They are now continuing their training camps. The head coach of the national team Jamshid Kheyrabadi shared his views about the upcoming first ever European Games.

How are the preparations towards the European Games going? What stage are you at?

As you see, we are having today’s morning training in the stadium. We will be training in the gym in the evening. We continue our regular trainings and carefully watch the practices, nutrition and discipline of our wrestlers. We are preparing towards the European Games systematically and are following a special program. There are days when we train three times, and days when we train twice a day.

Isn’t it hard to train 3 times a day?

Our training sessions are generally quite hard, because we have a very responsible task upon our shoulders. The first ever European Games are almost here. The most important thing is that our wrestlers are overcoming the tasks set for them. Our guys can even exhaust tiredness itself, but won’t get tired. The training sessions we have are also for them. When I came to Baku, the first thing I did was to increase the number of trainings. My next target was to watch the quality. That is why we can achieve the results we want today.

Which sportsmen could you especially point out during today’s practice?

I could say that the majority of the team members trained really well today. For example, look at Hasan Aliyev. He has so much energy that he doesn’t know what it is to be tired. Sometimes he is not focused, but we are working on it. Elvin Mursaliyev is also one of our strong sportsmen. And most importantly, he is also handsome… (laughs)

There are less than 90 days until the European Games. Who, would you say, is ready?

Of course, a professional coach must know this. Even if there is not much left until the European Games, I don’t tell my sportsmen that they are ready, because they might settle and relax. There must be competition among the wrestlers. But we have already decided who is ready and who can participate at the Games.

The fact that you won the World Cup in Iran became an extra motivation for our wrestlers…

Of course. We also trained really hard for the World Cup. Thank God that we won. This victory was a first for Azerbaijan. Such victories must be repeated again. I love the people of Azerbaijan and am very proud with our sportsmen.

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