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Friday, 06 March 2015 09:17

Rasul Chunayev and Rafig Husseinov rank first in February ratings

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The United World Wrestling has announced the new rating list for Greco-Roman wrestling according to the results of the tournaments, held in February 2015. 10 of our Greco-Roman wrestlers have been included in the rankings.

Our Greco-Romans opened a new page in our wrestling history after their last month’s performance at the World Cup tournament. Thus they have also achieved significant success in the rating standings. Rasul Chunayev (71 kg) and Rafig Husseinov (80 kg) both ranked first in the February ratings according to their results at the World Cup. We would like to note that Rafig Husseinov won all 4 of his bouts and scored a victory against the silver medalist of last year’s World Championship Eugene Saleyev in the final round. Rasul Chunayev scored victories in all 3 bouts he held, winning against the World Champion Chingiz Labazanov in the decisive match.

The world silver medalist Saman Tahmasibi (85 kg) and the world bronze owner Elvin Mursaliyev (75 kg) have both preserved their spots. They have ranked 2nd and 5th accordingly. Hasan Aliyev (66 kg), who ranked 5th in the World Championship, moved up two spots according to his results at the World Cup and thus holds the 5th position in the rating list. The successful performance at the World Cup also helped Islam Abbasov (85 kg) to move from the 13th spot to the 8th.

59 kg
13. Taleh Mammadov – Takhti Cup No. 1 (16)

66 kg
5. Hasan Aliyev – World No. 5 (7)
13. Kamran Mammadov – Paris GP No. 2 (13)

71 kg
1. Rasul Chunayev – World Cup No. 1 (3)

75 kg
5. Elvin Mursaliyev – World No. 3 (5)

80 kg
1. Rafig Husseinov – World Cup No. 1 (11@75)

85 kg
2. Saman Tahmasibi – World No. 2 (2)
8. Islam Abbasov – World Cup No. 1 (13)

98 kg
18. Orkhan Nuriyv – Paris GP No. 3 (18)

130 kg
17. Sabah Shariati – Final GGP No. 2 (16)

Note: The sportsmen are listed according to their most recent results and the numbers in the brackets show the rating of the sportsmen for the previous month.

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