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Thursday, 05 February 2015 09:48

Maria Stadnik and Yuliya Ratkevich show same results in ratings

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The United World Wrestling has announced the new rating list for women’s wrestling according to the results of tournaments, held in January 2015.

5 of our female wrestlers have been included in the rankings. The silver medalist Yuliya Ratkevich (60 kg) and bronze medalist Maria Stadnik (48 kg) of the 2014 World Championship both hold on to their spots in the top ten. Our wrestlers have accordingly ranked 2nd and 4th.

48 kg

4. Maria Stadnik – World No. 3 (4)

58 kg

12. Irina Netreba – Paris GP No. 3 (10)

60 kg

2. Yuliya Ratkevich – World No. 2 (2)

11. Natalia Sinishin – Paris GP No. 2 (nr)

69 kg

19. Nadia Sementsova – German GP No. 3 (13)

Note: The sportsmen are listed according to their most recent results and the numbers in the brackets show the rating of the sportsmen for the previous month.

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