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Sərbəstlər Avropa Oyunlarına hazırlığı İran güləşçiləri ilə birgə davam etdirir
Gənc güləşçilərimiz Antalya turnirində son gün 1 qızıl və 1 bürünc medal qazandı / FOTO
Antalya turnirinin ikinci günündə 2 gümüş və 2 bürünc medal / FOTO
Gənclər Antalyada ilk gün 2 qızıl və 1 bürünc medal qazandı / FOTO
Junior wrestlers facing a challenge in Antalya / TEAM
Tuesday, 28 October 2014 15:48

Meeting with coaches and curators of AWF representations / PHOTO

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The final round of the national qualification tournament dedicated to the silver medalist of the Helsinki Olympic Games Rashid Mammadbayov is held at Hovsan Olympic Sports Complex.

The sportsmen from all over Azerbaijan, who ranked top three spots at the qualification competitions held at the AWF representations, are now taking part at the tournament.

A meeting was held with the curators and coaches of AWF representations today at Hovsan Olympic Sports Complex. The Secretary General of Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation Ajdar Jafarov also participated at the meeting and listened to the reports by the curators and coaches.

After listening to these reports carefully, the AWF General Secretary overall evaluated the works in the regions satisfactory. He also informed the participants of the meeting about the order of the president of the federation Mr. Fazil Mammadov on “Developing wrestling in the regions”. He said that the heads of the federation pay special attention to discovering cadet and young wrestlers in the regions and inviting them to join the national teams.

“The president of the federation Mr. Fazil Mammadov has signed an order on “Developing wrestling in the regions”. The purpose of this order is to improve the activities of the coaches in the regions even more, have a more serious control on selection work and continue searching and discovering new and promising wrestlers. This process was being carried out. However, after this the representations will have more responsibilities. Both the curators and the coaches will have to employ a more serious approach towards their job and work harder than ever.”

At the end of the meeting the future plans of the coaches and curators of the AWF representations were defined and the corresponding tasks allocated.

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