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Friday, 06 March 2015 10:44

Khetag Gazyumov wins a gold medal, Sharif Sharifov a silver / VIDEO

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The 45th international Alexander Medved freestyle and women’s wrestling tournament has started in Minsk, capital of Belarus. The members of our national freestyle wrestling team are also participating at the tournament.

Freestyle wrestlers competed in 57, 65, 74 and 97 kg weight classes on the first day of the tournament.

Two of the members of our national team will fight in the final round in 97 kg class. The two-time Olympic bronze medalist Khetag Gazyumov won against Ukraine’s Hleb Kutey, Slovakia’s Joseph Jaloviar, Moldova’s Nikolay Czeban and Georgia’s Omar Gusoshvili in the semifinal. Khetag won all these bouts without giving a point to any of his rivals and competed against another member of our team Sharif Sharifov in the final bout. To reach the final the Olympic champion Sharif Sharifov won against Kazakhstan’s MamedIbrahimov, USA’s David Zabriske, and two Ukrainian wrestlers – the European Champion Pavlo Oleynik and silver medalist of the London Olympics Valeriy Andreytsev.

The intense final bout caused great interest among the audience. At the end KhetagGazyumov scored a victory of 5:0. With this result, Khetag became the gold owner and Sharif Sharifov a silver medalist.

65 kg
1/16 final – Haji Aliyev – Furkat Farmanov (UZB)
1/8 final – Haji Aliyev – Mikhail Sava (MDA) 12:4
1/4 final – Alexander Kontoev (BLR) – Haji Aliyev 6:4

74 kg
1/16 final – Medina Aogysta (GBS) – Kanan Aliyev 0:10
1/32 final – Ilyas Satibaldin (KAZ) – Jabrayil Hasanov
1/16 final – Jabrayil Hasanov – Nurlan Bekjanov (KAZ) 7:1
1/8 final – Rashid Kurbanov (UZB) – Kanan Aliyev 9:1
1/8 final – Jabrayil Hasanov – Bolat Sakayev (KAZ) 11:1
1/4 final – Jabrayil Hasanov – Ali Shabanov (BLR) 1:5

97 kg
1/16 final – Khetag Gazyumov – Hleb Kutey (UKR) 6:0
1/16 final – Mamed Ibrahimov (KAZ) – Sharif Sharifov 0:10
1/8 final – Sharif Sharifov – David Zabriske (USA)
1/8 final – Joseph Jaloviar (SVK) – Khetag Gazyumov 0:8
1/4 final – Khetag Gazyumov – Nikolay Czeban (MDA) 8:0
1/4 final – Sharif Sharifov – Pavlo Oleynik (UKR) 7:4
1/2 final – Omar Gusoshvili (GEO) – Khetag Gazyumov 0:4
1/2 final – Valeriy Andreytsev (UKR) – Sharif Sharifov 2:6
FINALKhetag Gazyumov – Sharif Sharifov 5:0

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