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Friday, 13 January 2017 10:54

AzCh-2017: in the last day of the championships competed Greco-roman wrestlers in 5 weighting categories / PHOTO

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Seniors freestyle and Greco-roman wrestling Azerbaijan championships taking place in Baku Sport Palace has come to the end.

In the last day of the championships 84 Greco-roman athletes determined the strongest in 75, 80, 85, 98 and 130 kg weighting categories.

Sportsmen gaining first three places will be presented by AWF appropriate diplomas, medals and money award. The same wrestlers will be called up to the squad of the national teams and will get an opportunity to represent our country in the team taking part at the international competitions during a year.

75 kg


Mehradj Karimov (Neftchi SC) - Farid Guliyev (Sugayit, Tehsil SS) 6:5

Bronze medal match

Javanshir Gasimov (Mingechevir) - Samran Nasibov (Gomrukchu SRC) 2:5

Shamistan Guluzade (Pehlevan) - Elmetdin Ramazanov (SS MIA) 8:0

1/2 final

Mehradj Karimov (Neftchi SC) - Samran Nasibov (Gomrukchu SRC) 3:0

Elmatdin Ramazanov (SS MIA) - Farid Guliyev (Sumgayit, Tehsil SS) 1:8

1/4 final

Mehradj Karimov (Neftchi SC) - Javanshir Gasimov (Mingechevir) 2:0

Samran Nasibov (Gomrukchu SRC) - Hajimurad Baghmanov (Balakan) 9:4

Elmatdin Ramazanov (SS MIA) - Nizami Abbasov (Sumgayit, Zenit SS) 4:2

Shamistan Guluzade (Pehlevan) - Farid Guliyev (Sumgayit, Tehsil SS) 1:6

80 kg


Nidjat Abdullayev (MOIK) - Rafig Huseynov (MOIK) 0:9

Bronze medal match

Amrah Mazanov (SS MIA)

Eltun Vazirzade (MOIK) - Javid Ibrahimli (MOIK) 3:0

1/2 final

Nidjat Abdullayev (MOIK) - Amrah Mazanov (SS MIA) 2:0

Rafig Huseynov (MOIK) - Javid Ibrahimli (MOIK) 3:0 touch

1/4 final

Amrah Mazanov (SS MIA) - Elmatdin Mustafayev (Kurdamir) 9:0

Eltun Vazirzade (MOIK) - Rafig Huseynov (MOIK) 0:7

Amir Alasgarov (MOIK) - Javid Ibrahimli (MOIK) 0:9

85 kg


Islam Abbasov (Sumgayit, Neftchi SC) - Orkhan Gahdiranov (SS MIA) 8:0

Bronze medal match

Rufat Huseynov (SS MIA) - Nazarshah Fatullayev (Guba) 8:0

Khayal Mehdiyev (Gomrukchu SRM) - Soltan Ismayilov (MOIK) 2:10

1/2 final

Islam Abbasov (Sumgayit, Neftchi SC) - Nazarshah Fatullayev (Guba) 9:0

Orkhan Gahdiranov (SS MIA) - Soltan Ismayilov (MOIK) 6:1

1/4 final

Islam Abbasov (Sumgayit, Neftchi SC) - Rufat Huseynov (SS MIA) 6:0

Khochber Khalayev (Balakan) - Nazarshah Fatullayev (Guba) 1:1*

Orkhan Gahdiranov (SS MIA) - Khayal Mehdiyev (Gomrukchu SRM) 2:0 touch

Soltan Ismayilov (MOIK) - Arif Niftullayev (Pehlevan) 6*:6

98 kg


Orkhan Nuriyev (Tehsil) - Adil Huseynov (SS MIA) 3:0

Bronze medal match

Adambek Shidukov (Atasport) - Araz Hasanov (ROSL) 0:2

Sayigmagomed Omarov (Atasport) - Orkhan Alakbarov (MOIK) 1:4

1/2 final

Orkhan Nuriyev (Tehsil) - Araz Hasanov (ROSL) 3:0

Orkhan Alakbarov (MOIK) - Adil Huseynov (SS MIA) 1:5

1/4 final

Orkhan Nuriyev (Tehsil) - Namik Kamilov (Gusar) 8:0

Tehran Aminzade (Gomrukchu SRM) - Araz Hasanov (ROSL) 1:1*

Abbas Aliyev (ROSL) - Orkhan Alakbarov (MOIK) 1:1*

Adil Huseynov (SS MIA) - Sagidmagomed Omarov (Atasport) 5:1

130 kg


Oyan Nazariani (Atasport) - Anton Botev (Atasport) 2:0

Bronze medal match

Akif Safarov (Gomrukchu SRM) - Royal Mirzayev (Spartak) 0:8

Musa Mirzayev (Guba) - Babek Derjbani (Atasport) 1:3

1/2 final

Oyan Nazariani (Atasport) - Royal Mirzayev (Spartak) 9:0

Babek Derjbani (Atasport) - Anton Botev (Atasport) 0:1

1/4 final

Oyan Nazariani (Atasport) - Akif Safarov (Gomrukchu SRM) 5:1

Nofel Heydarov (Pirallahi WC) - Royal Mirzayev (Spartak) 0:9

Javid Feyziyev (Pehlevan) - Babek Derjbani (Atasport) 1:3

Musa Mirzayev (Guba) - Anton Botev (Atasport) 0:11

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