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Sunday, 27 December 2015 18:59

Last day at seniors’ Azerbaijan championship / PHOTO

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Seniors’ Azerbaijan championship taking place in Baku Sport Hall has come to the end.

In the last day of the competition overall 96 wrestlers competed in 75, 80, 85, 98 and 130 kg weighting categories.

Rustam Aliyev (75 kg), Emin Ahmadov (80 kg), Rafig Huseynov (85 kg), Turman Eyyubov (98 kg) and Oyan Nazariani (130 kg) beating all rivals gained Azerbaijan champion title.

Sportsmen gaining first three places were presented by AWF appropriated diplomas, medals and money awards. These wrestlers will call up to the squad of the national team and will be provided with complete set of the sport wear.  

75 kg 

гstam Aliyev -Shamistan Guluzade 5:1
Bronze medal bout 
Elmaddin Ramazanov - Hadjimurad Bagmanov 3:5 
Amrah Mazanov -Murad Gozalov 4:2
1/2 final
Rustam Aliyev -Hadjimurad Bagmanov 8:0 
Murad Gozalov -Shamistan Guluzade 0:5


80 kg
Emin Ahmadov
- Fuad Aliyev 5:0 (clear win)
Bronze medal bout 
Djavid Ibrahimli -Magomedali Magomedaliyev 2:10
Nurlan Mammadov -Nidjat Abdullayev 2:6
1/2 final

Emin Ahmadov -Magomedali Magomedaliyev 6:1
Fuad Aliyev -Nidjat Abdullayev 9:0

85 kg
Rafig Huseynov -
Islam Abbasov 5:4
Bronze medal bout 
Shahriyar Mammadov -
Tural Taghiyev 10:0
Khochbar Khalayev -Orkhan Gahdiranov 3:9
1/2 final

Rafig Huseynov- Tural Taghiyev 10:0
Orkhan Gahdiranov -  Islam Abbasov 0:8

98 kg

Turman Eyyubov- Hamzat Yusupov 2*:2
Bronze medal bout 
Kamran Badalov -Ali Hasanov 0:8
Mehdi Karimi -Omar Mankiyev 2:2*
1/2 final 
Turman Eyyubov- Ali Hasanov 8:0
Hamzat Yusupov- Omar Mankiyev 3:2

130 kg

Gosha Davitadze -Oyan Nazariani 0:8
Bronze medal bout 
Huseyn Guliyev -Musa Mirzayev 0:8
Anton Botev -Hamid Ahmadi 3:5
1/2 final 
Gosha Davitadze- Musa Mirzayev 8:0
Hamid Ahmadi -Oyan Nazariani 0:8

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