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Saturday, 14 February 2015 19:05

First day at the Azerbaijan Junior Championship / RESULTS-PHOTO

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Azerbaijan junior freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling championship has started at “Sarhadchi” Sports Olympic Center.

The freestylers competed on the first day of the championship. 136 sportsmen joined the tournament from all regions and cities of the country. The winners stand as following:

50 kg
FINAL – Shahriyar Salmanov (Jalilabad, Gomrukchu SHC) – Arif Husseinov (Absheron, Netfcthi SC)
Bronze medal – Umud Abdulbayli (Zenith SS)
Bronze medal match – Parviz Musayev (Sumgait, Neftchi SC) – Suleiman Aliyev (Ganja, Zenith SS)

55 kg
FINAL – Afgan Khashalov (Zenith SS) – Mahir Amiraslanov (Neftchi SC)
Bronze medal match – Mohammed Abdullayev (Gakh) – Ruslan Gasimov (Absheron, Neftchi SC)
Bronze medal match –Tofig Sadigli (MIA SS) – Ali Husseinov (Zenith SS)

60 kg
FINAL – Amin Emeyev (Atasport) – Jahid Hasanzadeh (Absheron, Neftchi SC)
Bronze medal match –Gudrat Aghayev (Neftchi SC) – Amrah Ilyasli (Gazakh, Goyazan)
Bronze medal match –Zalimkhan Veliyev (Zenith SS) – Nurlan Rahimov (Neftchi SC)

66 kg
FINAL – Tural Ahmadli (Sumgait, SORSSCY) – Teymur Mammadov (Azeri SC)
Bronze medal match – Safar Hajiyev (Zagatala) – Panah Ilyasli (Gazakh, Goyazan)
Bronze medal match –Elvin Khidirov (Tahsil SS) – Anvarbay Dalgatov (Atasport)

74 kg
FINAL – Mohammedhaji Mukhutov (Atasport) – Murad Suleimanov (Ganja, Neftchi SC)
Bronze medal match –Nabi Mugushov (Balaken) – Sanan Alizadeh (Khazri SC)
Bronze medal match –Gahir Shikarov (Tahsil SS) – Farman Hasanov (MIA SS)

84 kg
FINAL – Akhra Jengeniya (Atasport) – Hajimurad Mohammedsaidov (Atasport)
Bronze medal match – Aydin Musayev (Gazakh, SSCY) – Javid Sadigov (Pahlavan SC)
Bronze medal match –Elchin Mammadov (Shirvan, Neftchi SC) –Mohammedrasul Gazimohammedov (Atasport)

96 kg
FINAL – Nurmohammed Hajiyev (Atasport) – Turkhan Gurbanov (Zenith SS)
Bronze medal – Nizami Shamilov (Azeri SC)
Bronze medal match –Allahshukur Farzaliyev (Locomotive) – Uzeyir Yusifov (SWSCY 6)

120 kg
FINAL – Said Hamidov (Atasport) – Hamzatkhan Israfilov (Atasport)
Bronze medal – Igbal Hajizadeh (Neftchi SC)
Bronze medal match – Zaur Aliyev (Barda) – Adam Jalilov (Azeri SC)

The winning wrestlers in every weight category were awarded with medals, diplomas and money prizes by the AWF and invited to join the national teams.

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