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Friday, 31 March 2017 10:55

U-23 Euro-2017: in the second day we gained 1 silver and 1 bronze medal / VIDEO

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U-23 European championships being held in Szombathely, Hungary is going on.

In the fourth day of the Euro competed female wrestlers in 53, 58, 63 and 75 kg weighting categories.

Our female wrestlers completed championships gaining 1 silver and 1 bronze medal.

Our representative in 53 kg Leyla Gurbanova beating rivals from Germany, Poland and Hungary reached the final. In the decisive bout the rival of our sportsman was Ukrainian representative. The meeting passing in tense fight ended to the favour of the rival. Leyla Gurbanova became runner up of European championships.

Competing in 58 kg Alena Kolesnik gaining high superiority wins over representatives from Poland and Russia in the semifinal lost to experienced Ukrainian wrestler. Our sportsman got a right for bronze medal match. In the decisive bout gaining high superiority win over French representative Kolesnik won bronze medal of the competitions.

53 kg 
FINAL- Lilya Horishna (UKR) - Leyla Gurbanova 11:8
1/2 final - Leyla Gurbanova- Yulia Leorda (MDA) 12:2
1/4 final - Paula Kozlov (POL) - Leyla Gurbanova 1:3
Round of 16
-  Leyla Gurbanova- Annika Vendle (GER) 13:2 (touche)

58 kg 
Bronze medal match -Metty Phoebe Aglae Greneron Mondange (FRA) Alyona Kolesnik 4:12
1/2 final - Tetyana Kit (UKR) - Alyona Kolesnik 5:2
1/4 final - Veronika Chumikova (RUS) - Alyona Kolesnik 0:6 (touche)
Round of 16
- Katarzyna Madrovska (POL) - Alyona Kolesnik 0:10

63 kg
Repechage bout - Yuliana Yaneva (BUL) - Elmira Gambarova 7:6
1/4 final - Petra Olli (FİN) - Elmira Gambarova 5:2
Round of 16
Elmira Gambarova- Natalia Gizela Kubaty (POL) 5:0 (touche)

You can watch bouts live by clicking the following link. 

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