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Wednesday, 20 July 2016 22:12

CEC-2016: in the second day 2 silver and 5 bronze medals / PHOTO-VIDEO

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Cadets European championships taking place in the capital of Sweden Stockholm is going on.

In the second day of the competitions our freestyle wrestlers gained 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.

In the second day of the competitions were determined winners in 46, 54, 63, 76 and 100 kg weighting categories. Our wrestlers completed day gaining 1 silver and 5 bronze medals.

Our representative in 46 kg Asgar Mammadaliyev beating rivals from Ukraine and Georgia lost in the semifinal to Russian sportsman. In bronze medal match our wrestler faced with another Russian athlete. Showing big resoluteness Asgar on the last second with gaining point equalized score and getting a win became winner of the bronze medal of the championship.

Competing in 54 kg Sabutay Amishov also got a right to take a mat for bronze medal. Starting from round of 16 our wrestler prevailed over representatives of Moldova and Ukraine but in ¼ final stage lost to Greek sportsman. With progressing rival to the final Sabutay joined repechage bout in which he eliminated his teammate Magomedgadji Kasumov. In the decisive meeting Sabutay gaining a win over Georgian athlete became bronze medalist of EURO.

Defending sport honour of our country in 63 kg Djopua Inal on the way to the final beat all rivals. Eliminating sportsmen from Poland, Moldova and Ukraine in the semifinal he defeat his teammate Gadjimurad Gadjiyev. In his turn Gadjimurad Gadjiyev on the way to the semifinal beat rivals from Russia, Germany and Turkey. Djopua Inal reached the final and Gadjimurad Gadjiyev took a mat for bronze medal. While Gadjimurad Gadjiyev gained bronze medal, Djopua satisfied with the silver medal.

Competiing in 76 kg Rashad Yusifli beating rivals from Belarus, Russia and Germany reached the final. In the decisive match he faced with another Russian wrestler. Loosing final match Rashad became runner up of the tournament.

Our two representatives in 100 kg lost in semifinal and got right to fight for bronze medal. Ali Aminzade on the way to the semifinal eliminated rivals from Georgia and Greece. And Askhab Gamzatov beat German and Bulgarian sportsmen. In the semifinal Ali and Askhab lost to Turkish and Russian representatives respectively. In decisive matches our wrestlers faced with representatives of Armenia and Russia. Both of our sportsmen gaining wins became bronze medalists of the competition. 

46 kg 
Bronze medal match - Biaman Yakovlev (RUS) -Asgar Mammadaliyev 8:8*
1/2 final - Asgar Mammadaliyev - Alik Khadartsev (RUS) 1:7
1/4 final -Asgar Mammadaliyev- Simon Beridze (GEO) 8:2
Round of 16 -Asgar Mammadaliyev- Makar Viqivskiy (UKR) 10:0

54 kg 
Bronze medal match-Sabutay Amishov -Goderdzi Dzebisashvili (GEO) 6:4
Repechage bout - Magomedgadji Kasumov -Sabutay Amishov 8:9
Repechage bout - Kristian Brzezinski (POL) -Magomedgadji Kasumov 4:14
1/4 final - Sabutay Amishov - Georgios Pilidis (GRE) 2:4
Round of 16 -Sabutay Amishov- Ihor Nikiforuk (UKR) 12:6
Round of 16 - Georgios Pilidis (GRE) - Magomedgadji Kasumov 8:5
Round of 32 -Sabutay Amishov- Ion Saranut (MDA) 12:1
Round of 32 -Magomedgadji Kasumov -David Kopriva (CZE) 14:1

63 kg
FINAL- Arman Andreasyan (ARM) - Djopua Inal 4:3
Bronze medal match- Erik Aruşanian (UKR) -Gadjimurad Gadjiyev 2:13
1/2 final - Gadjimurad Gadjiyev -Djopua Inal 0:10
1/4 final -Gadjimurad Gadjiyev- Abdurrahman Tekgoz (TUR) 10:1
1/4 final - Erik Aruşanian (UKR) -Djopua Inal 1:3
Round of 16 -Gadjimurad Gadjiyev- Tino Rettinger (GER) 12:2
Round of 16 -Djopua Inal- Valentin Borzin (MDA) 7:0
Round of 32 -Gadjimurad Gadjiyev- Arsen Tomaev (RUS) 8:3
Round of 32 - Simon Voytkovski (POL) -Djopua Inal 0:10

76 kg
FINAL -Devid Betanov (RUS) - Rashad Yusifli 6:5
1/2 final - Johannes Martin Deml (GER) -Rashad Yusifli 2:4
1/4 final - Rashad Yusifli- Ansariav Sharipov (RUS) 6:5
Round of 16 - Andriy Giika (UKR) -Rashad Yusifli 2:7
Round of 16 - Islam Aliyev - Ansariav Sharipov (RUS) 2:3
Round of 32 -Islam Aliyev- David Morillas (ESP) 10:0
Round of 32 -Rashad Yusifli- Aliaxei Afanasenka (BLR) 10:0

100 kg
Bronze medal match - Aslanbek Gazzaev (RUS) -Ali Aminzade 3:8
Bronze medal match- Ashot Rushanyan (ARM) -Askhab Gamzatov 0:4
1/2 final - Askhab Gamzatov - Ismail-Bek Nirov (RUS) 1:5 
1/2 final - Ali Aminzade - Feyzullah Akturk (TUR) 1:4
1/4 final - Alexandros Papodopulos (GRE) -Ali Aminzade 0:9
1/4 final -Askhab Gamzatov- Daniel Veselinov (BUL) 4:0
Round of 16 - Elguja Balanchivadze (GEO) -Ali Aminzade 0:12
Round of 16 - Richard Stoll (GER) -Askhab Gamzatov 2:6

You can follow live course of the competitions by clicking on this link

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