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Sunday, 28 June 2015 10:54

JEC-2015: Islam won a gold, Murad a silver, Ruhin a bronze medal / PHOTO-VIDEO

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The Junior European Wrestling Championship is held in Istanbul, Turkey.

On the first day of the Greco-Roman wrestling competition Nofel Babayev (59 kg) and Orkhan Nuriyev (96 kg) won a gold medal each.

Greco-Roman wrestlers competed in 55, 66, 84 and 120 kg weight classes on the last day of the championship. Our athletes completed the day with 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal.

In 55 kg weight class Murad Mammadov consequently won against the sportsmen representing Germany, Hungary and Ukraine. Giving no chances to the Armenian athlete in the semifinal bout, Murad proceeded into the final round. This time he lost to the Georgian wrestler and thus Murad Mammadov became the silver medalist of the European Championship.

Our wrestler in 66 kg category Ruhin Mikayilov started off well. He consequently won against sportsmen from Slovakia, Georgia and Armenia, but then lost to the Turkish representative in the semifinal bout. His rival in the decisive match for the bronze medal was the Bulgarian athlete. Scoring a full victory, our wrestler became the owner of the bronze medal of the European Championship.

Another one of our wrestlers, who proceeded into the final round was Islam Abbasov, competing in 84 kg weight class. Last year’s European and World junior champion gave no chances to his rivals. First winning against the Turkish and Swedish sportsmen, Islam then scored a victory against the Armenian wrestler in the semifinal round. He then fought against the Russian athlete in the final bout. Securing another win, Islam became the European Champion.

Thus the Junior European Championship finished. Our Greco-Roman wrestlers, who competed the last two days of the tournament, won 3 golds – Nofel Babayev (50 kg), Islam Abbasov (84 kg) and Orkhan Nuriyev (96 kg), 1 silver medal – Murad Mammadov (55 kg) and 1 bronze medal – Ruhin Mikailov (66 kg). Scoring 48 points overall, our national team ranked fourth in team ratings. The top three teams were Georgia, Turkey and Russia.

55 kg

1/16 final – Peter Haase (GER) – Murad Mammadov 0:11

1/8 final – Murad Mammadov – Erik Torba (HUN) 9:7

1/4 final – Olexander Hrushin (UKR) – Murad Mammadov 0:0

1/2 final – Slavik Galstian (ARM) – Murad Mammadov 0:5 (by fall)

FINAL – Irakli Shavadze (GEO) – Murad Mammadov 6:0

66 kg

1/16 final – Laos Drmola (SVK) – Ruhin Mikayilov 3:8

1/8 final – Ramaz Zoidze (GEO) – Ruhin Mikayilov 2:5

1/4 final – Ruhin Mikayilov – Karen Aslanyan (ARM) 2:1

1/2 final – Ruhin Mikayilov – Jengiz Arslan (TUR) 1:3

Bronze medal match – David Dimitrov (BUL) – Ruhin Mikayilov 0:8

84 kg

1/8 final – Islam Abbasov – Ali Jengiz (TUR) 11:2

1/4 final – Zacharias Berg (SWE) – Islam Abbasov 1:4

1/2 final – Islam Abbasov – Varujan Grigoryan (ARM) 8:0

FINAL – Hajimurad Jalalov (RUS) – Islam Abbasov 0:5

120 kg

1/8 final – Bobian Zivanovich (SRB) – Javid Feyziyev 5:2

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