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Sərbəstlər Avropa Oyunlarına hazırlığı İran güləşçiləri ilə birgə davam etdirir
Gənc güləşçilərimiz Antalya turnirində son gün 1 qızıl və 1 bürünc medal qazandı / FOTO
Antalya turnirinin ikinci günündə 2 gümüş və 2 bürünc medal / FOTO
Gənclər Antalyada ilk gün 2 qızıl və 1 bürünc medal qazandı / FOTO
Junior wrestlers facing a challenge in Antalya / TEAM
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Saturday, 22 June 2013 21:16

EC-2013 fifth day: 1 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal / UPDATED

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The Cadet European Wrestling Championship continues in Bar, Montenegro.

Greco-Roman wrestlers essayed their powers in 42, 50, 58, 69 and 85 kg categories on the fifth day of the tournament.

42 kg
Seymur Husseinov started off the competition from 1/8 finals and competed against the Romanian wrestler in his first match. Our wrestler scored a victory in the first match (7:0), however could not keep his success up. Nonetheless, he received another chance to win a medal, when his rival reached the finals. Having won against his German competitor (8:0) in the repechage match, Seymur competed against the Turkish representative for the bronze medal. Seymur scored a victory (6:4), finished the tournament on the 3rd place and became a bronze medalist.

50 kg
Mikayil Rahmanov scored consecutive victories against the French wrestler (7:0), his Armenian rival (7:0) and the Lithuanian representative (5:3) and reached the finals. He lost to the Russian wrestler (9:10) after a very hard final match and thus, Mikayil Rahmanov became the silver medalist of the championship.

69 kg
Vusal Hashimov joined the tournament from the 1/16 final. Our representative consequently won against his rivals from Croatia (5:4) and Sweden (5:1). However, he lost his next match. Once his rival reached the final match, he received an opportunity to join the repechage match. Having won, Vusal Hashimov competed against the Armenian wrestler for the bronze medal. Despite the draw at the end of the second period (5:5), victory was given to the rival wrestler.

85 kg
Having joined the tournament from 1/8 final, Soslan Fanziyev reached the finals after he won against his rivals from Poland (7:0), France (10:3) and Germany (3:0). He had to wrestle against the Russian representative in the finals. After a hard match, our wrestler won (6:5) and became the gold medalist of the European Championship.

58 kg
Zubair Dibirov lost his very first match and had to leave the tournament early.

We would like to remind that the delegation headed by Senior Coach Nuraddin Rajabov and Coach Vugar Aslanov includes Seymur Husseinov (42 kg), Namaz Rustamov (46 kg), Mikayil Rahmanov (50 kg), Niyazi Mammadov (54 kg), Zubair Dibirov (58 kg), Sanan Alimirzayev (63 kg), Vusal Hashimov (96 kg), Islam Abbasov (76 kg), Soslan Fanziyev (85 kg) and Adambek Shidukov (100 kg).

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