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Azerbaijani wrestlers have participated in both domestic and international competitions among teams and gained immeasurable successes ever since our republic was part of the USSR. The first international success of Azerbaijani athletes dates back to the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Since Musa Babayev, who was considered the favorite in the lightest weight category, was sidelined through an injury, his replacement Georgi Sayadov finished fourth, while Ibrahimpasa Dadasov, who competed in the light-weight category, finished eighth. Rasid Mammadbayov, who wrestled in the semi-light bracket, won Azerbaijan’s first Olympic medal after being beaten by Japan’s Sohachi Ishni only in the final because of an injury.

In 1991, when our republic regained its independence, Azerbaijani athletes began a series of international successes which led to the Azerbaijani national flag being raised and national anthem played in many international competitions. The successes of Azerbaijani wrestlers have played a major role in earning Azerbaijan the reputation for being a sporting country. The attention paid by our nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev to the development of sports and healthy lifestyle of the young generation is being continued by the country’s present leadership. As is the case with other sports, the enhancing successes in wrestling have been largely facilitated by President Ilham Aliyev leadership in the National Olympic Committee. The commissioning of over 20 and the ongoing construction of as many Olympic Centers in the country is graphic evidence of the state support for sport, while the achievements made are the best example of appreciation for this support and care.

Ministry of Youth and Sport
of Azerbaijan Republic

National Olympic Committee
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