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Immeasurable achievements have been made by Azerbaijani athletes in wrestling that is considered to be a national, leading and the most popular sport in our country. Our wrestlers have repeatedly secured the uppermost places of honour in prestigious international competitions and raised the flag of the USSR previously, and of the independent Azerbaijan later. We are very proud of that, because our country has always had a strong wrestling school with dozens of talented followers. It must be confessed that those talents do not appear accidentally. There are senior coaches who look for, bring up, take care of them and put efforts to make them perfect and professional wrestlers. Our specialists were famous and distinguished as far back as in the Soviet time. Although most of our coaches were invited by other republics, they generally preferred staying in Azerbaijan and serving only their own native land. We have also had compatriots who performed on behalf of other national teams, worked as coaches in those countries and contributed to development of wrestling. There are sufficient numbers of specialists who without leaving Azerbaijan have played a significant role in training of our athletes that had their own contribution in the world arenas and now are proudly named champions and prize winners. Nowadays, many of them use all their experience to train new wrestlers for national teams.

Ministry of Youth and Sport
of Azerbaijan Republic

National Olympic Committee
of Azerbaijan Republic

Fédération Internationale
des Luttes Associées