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For referee

The Panel of Judges of the Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation is chaired by Olympic category referee Bahman Talebi.

The following documents are required to become a certified judge:

- 2 colour photographs sized 3x4;
- copy of the identification card;
- certificate in the English language;
- curriculum vitae;
- copy of a higher education certificate, if any.

All the documents are submitted to the Panel of Judges and considered by the Chairman of the Panel. Once compliance of the documents with the requirements have been verified the said judge is invited to in-country tournaments and his judging experience is checked. If the Panel are satisfied with his performance, he is sent to a seminar to become an internationally certified judge. Upon successfully passing the examination he is granted the title of an internationally certified judge by the members of FILA Panel of Judges.

The key requirements to become an internationally certified judge are as follows:

- citizenship of the Republic of Azerbaijan;
- experience in wrestling;
- good command of spoken and written English and Russian;
- 3-year judging experience in the in-country competitions;
- age limit should be up to 40 years. 

Ministry of Youth and Sport
of Azerbaijan Republic

National Olympic Committee
of Azerbaijan Republic

Fédération Internationale
des Luttes Associées