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History of Establishment of the Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation

Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation was for the first time established in 1959 as part of the USSR Wrestling Federation. The chairman functions were discharged by Qambar Asgar oglu Akhundov, and later the duties were performed by Fatulla Huseynov almost up until the period of independence of the country.

Upon recognition of the independent Republic of Azerbaijan as a sovereign state, Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation was established in 1993, and officially admitted to the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles at FILA Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland in the same year. During 1993-1997, Etibar Sardar oglu Mammadov was the President, Abbas Aydin oglu Abbasov the Vice President and Khanmirza Khanbala oglu Malikaliyev the Chief Scorer of the Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation.

AWF conference is held every four years. During the regular conference held in 1997, Abbas Aydin oglu Abbasov was elected the President, Cavanshir Kazim oglu Qurbanov the First Vice President and Khanmirza Khanbala oglu Malikaliyev the Chief Scorer of AWF. Functional vice presidents (Mammad Ibrahimov, Chingiz Quliyev, Oleq Krapivin, Mammad Musayev, Arif Hasanov, and Oktay Huseynov were elected) carried out their activities within the Federation.

The 3rd conference of the Federation was held in 2001. Since the Chief Scorer resigned, Matlab Ibadulla oglu Abdullayev carrying out activities of a Senior Specialist at the Wrestling Federation was elected to the said position and performed duties of the Chief Scorer till 2007.

The regular 4th conference of AWF was held on 25 April 2005. During the plenary meeting of AWF held in 2006, Member of Parliament Aydın Abbas oglu Abbasov was elected the Vice President of the Federation.

During the extraordinary plenary meeting of the Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation held on 29 January 2007, Fazil Asad oglu Mammadov was elected the President, Namiq Tofiq oglu Aliyev the First Vice President and Cavid Yunus oglu Qurbanov the Chief Scorer of AWF. Abbas Aydın oglu Abbasov was elected the Honorary President of the Federation. Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation closely cooperates with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan and carries out goal oriented activities of mutual concern.

The 5th conference of the Federation was held on 18 November 2008. The new Regulations of the Wrestling Federation were presented and approved, establishment of regional representative offices of the Wrestling Federation and the areas of activities of the Federation Vice Presidents were discussed, responsibilities of Vice Presidents for International Relations, Regions, Freestyle Wrestling, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Organisational and Financial Issues, and Juniors were defined and elections held during the conference.

Ministry of Youth and Sport
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