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Friday, 18 November 2011 10:13

There has been held a competition on free-style wrestling in the “Courage Place”

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On November 17, there was held an opening ceremony of the republic’s selection tournament “Place of Courage” on wrestling among the juvenile wrestlers in “Sarhadchi” Olympic Sport Centre.
Mr. Ismayil Ismayilov, deputy minister of Youth and Sport and Mr. Elkchin Jafarov, the vice-president of Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation (AWF) on Greco-Roman style appearing in this opening ceremony spoke about the traditions of the wrestling school formed in Azerbaijan.
The speakers accentuated the successful matches participated by our athletes in the international tournaments within the last time and emphasize the special care taken by our state in gaining of these outstanding results.  They expressed their gratitude to Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the President of Azerbaijan, the president of the National Olympic Committee for development of the sport, especially the wrestling in our country.
They expressed that our wrestlers have secured 7 licenses to the Summer Olympic Games to be held in 2012 in London. Presently, a group of young wrestlers is participating in the preparatory process in the complement of the principal national team. In addition to the Olympic Games,  the winners of this tournament will join the tournaments, such as the European and world competitions.
Mr. Ajdar Jafarov, the secretary general of AWF appearing later wished the participants of competition successes on behalf of Mr. Fazil Mammadov, the president of the Federation and declared the Tournament open.
Depending on the results of the tournament, the staff of the teams on Greco-Roman and free-style wrestling will be determined. The winners and awardees will be involved to the staff of the national teams and will enjoy the right to represent the country in the international competitions.
131 athletes competed within the first day of tournament on 8 weight categories (on free-style wrestling). On some weight categories, the competitions were conducted openly and the Russian athletes were also participated in these competitions. The results are as follows: 

50 kg
1. Mirjalal Hasanzade – Representation No: 2, Absheron, Neftchi SHC
2. Ruslan Gasımov – Representation No:7, Ganja
3. Nurlan Huseynov - Representation No:2, Absheron, Neftchi SHC
3. Ikhtiyar Guliyev – Representation No:1, Neftchi SHC

55 kg
1. Galib Aliyev – Representation No:1, Neftchi SHC
2. Parviz Ibrahimov – Representation No:2, Absheron, Neftchi SHC
3. Logman Agayev – Representation No:4, Astara
3. Fuad Nəsirli – Representation No:1, Zenit SC

60 kg
1. Kanan Guliyev – Representation No:2, Sumgayıt, Neftchi SHC
2. Agabəy Ramazanzade - Representation No:1, Tahsil SC
3. Ahmədnəbi Gvarzatilov – Representation No:1, Atasport
3. Ruhlan Mammadov – Representation No:7, Ganja

66 kg
1. Elchin Mammadov – Representation No:7, Shamkir
2. Bakhtiyar Israfilli – Representation No:1, Gomrukchu SC
3. Gunduz Imamaliyev – Representation No:1, Neftchi SHC
3. Gatınmagomed Hajıyev – Representation No:1, Atasport

74 kg
1. Eljan Usubzade - Representation No:7, Gazakh
2. Yaqubali Shıkhjamalov – Russia
3. Kamran Yunusov – Representation No:1, Neftchi SHC
3. Ruslan Hasanov – Russia

84 kg
1. Mahammədhajı Khatiyev – Russia
2. Orkhan Sharifov - Representation No:2, Absheron, Neftchi HSC
3. Rahman Huseynov – Representation No:7, Gazakh
3. Mirjafar Murtuzlu – Representation No:1, Neftchi HSC

96 kg
1. Baday Mahammadov – Russia
2. Zalimkhan Jabrahimov – Russia
3. Malikaga Malikli – Representation No:4, Masallı
3. Mahammadhacı Nurov – Russia

120 kg
1. Ali Mahammaddabirov – Representation No:1, Atasport
2. Togrul Javadlı – Representation No:1, Gomrukchü SC
3. Hakim Mehdiyev – Representation No:7, Ganja

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