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Sunday, 08 June 2014 23:20

Our female wrestlers return from Dormagen with 1 gold and 2 bronze medals / PHOTO

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An international female wrestling Grand Prix was held in Dormagen, Germany. 3 of our wrestlers essayed their powers at the tournament headed by the head coach of the national team Yagub Mammadov. Our wrestlers won 1 gold and 2 bronze medals.

The leader of our team, our representative in 48 kg weight class Maria Stadnik was stronger and more skillful than all of our rivals and thus won the gold medal of the tournament. She won against sportswomen from Poland, Canada, Russia and another Canadian wrestler in the semifinal. Then she competed against a German wrestler at the final and won giving no chances to her competitor.

In 58 kg category Irina Netreba started off with a victory against the French representative. However she then lost to the wrestler from Kyrgyzstan in the semifinal. In the decisive match for the bronze medal Irina Netreba won against the Russian wrestler and became the bronze medalist of the tournament.

In 69 kg weight class Nadia Sementsova held 5 matches. She consequently won against wrestlers from Germany, Romania and Poland. However she then lost to the German wrestler in the semifinal and had to wrestle against another German sportswoman for the bronze medal. This time Nadia gave no chances to her rival and won the second bronze medal for the team.

48 kg
FINAL– Kathy Baumgartner (GER) – Maria Stadnik 0:4
1/2 final – Jasmine Mian (CAN) – Maria Stadnik 0:11
1/4 final – Elena Vatsikova (RUS) –Maria Stadnik 0:7
1/8 final –Maria Stadnik–Jessica Mcdolads (CAN) 16:5
1/16 final –Ivona Matkovska (POL) –Maria Stadnik 0:10

58 kg
Bronze medal match– AnastasiaTsankova (RUS) – Irina Netreba 0:10
1/2 final –Aisulu Tunubekova (KGZ) –Irina Netreba 6:1
1/4 final –Irina Netreba– Margot Riviere (FRA) 12:2

69 kg
Bronze medal match– Kimberley Griess (GER) –Nadia Sementsova 0:4
1/2 final – Aline Focken (GER) – Nadia Sementsova 11:0
1/4 final – Agnieszka Vieszcek (POL) –Nadia Sementsova 6:13
1/8 final – Adina Popescu (ROM) –Nadia Sementsova 1:11
1/16 final –Nadia Sementsova– Anna Schell (GER) 7:2

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