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Monday, 24 February 2014 15:31

Azeri WC wins the freestyle wrestling tournament

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The “Young Olympians” freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling Cup among schoolboys (born in 2000-2001) has started at the wrestling hall of the Tofig Bahramov national stadium.

The purpose of the tournament is to discover promising freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestlers at the wrestling clubs functioning under the representation number 1 of Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation and evaluate the coaches of the club.

According to the program, the freestyle wrestling matches were held on 24 February. 6 teams competed in two subgroups. The top teams in their subgroups then competed against each other in the final round. The teams on the second place fought for the 3rd and 4th places and the lasts of the team then wrestled for the 5th and 6th spots.

Subgroup A



Mushvigabad WC – Hayat WC

Mushvigabad WC – Kh.Jafarov WC

Hayat WC – Kh.Jafarov WC




1.       Mushvigabad WC

2.       Kh.Jafarov WC

3.       Hayat WC

Subgroup B



Nardaran WC – Azeri WC

Nardaran WC – Khazri WC

Azeri WC– Khazri WC




1.       Azeri WC

2.       Khazri WC

3.       Nardaran WC

Mushvigabad WC – Azeri WC 0-10

For 3-4 places
Kh.Jafarov WC – Khazri WC 2-8

For 5-6 places
Hayat WC – Nardaran WC3-6

1.       Azeri WC
2.       Mushvigabad WC
3.       Khazri WC
4.       Kh.Jafarov WC
5.       Nardaran WC
6.       Hayat WC

According to the results of the freestyle wrestling matches within subgroups, the wrestling clubs Hayat and Nardaran fought for 5-6th places, Kh.Jafarov and Khazri for 3rd-4th places and Mushvigabad and Azeri competed against each other in the final. As a result, Azeri Wrestling Club became the winner of the freestyle wrestling matches for the ‘Young Olympians’ Cup. Mushvigabad WC ranked second and Khazri WC ranked third.

The top three teams were awarded with diplomas, a cup and presents by Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation.

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