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Friday, 25 November 2016 10:11

GGP-2016: female wrestlers gained 1 silver and 2 bronze medals

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The final stage of the international wrestling tournament “Golden Grand Prix” in memory of the nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev is going on. Around 500 strongest athletes representatives of 49 countries compete at the competition.

In the second competition day were determined winners in 48, 53, 55, 58, 60, 63, 69 and 75 kg weighting categories.

Our wrestlers completed the competition gaining 1 silver and 2 bronze medals. Tatyana Omelchenko confidently progressed to the final. Loosing only in the decisive bout to Ukrainian representative she satisfied with the second place. Bronze medals to our team brought  Anjela Dorogan (53 kg) and Alyona Kolesnik (55 kg). Other members of the national team Elmira Gambarova (63 kg) and Elis Manolova (69 kg) loosing bronze medal matches located on the 5th place.

We would like to remind that in the first day of the competition our freestyle wrestlers gained 3 bronze, 1 silver and 3 bronze medals.

48 kg
1/4 final
Valeriya Chepsarakova (RUS) - Sona Tumarkhanova 10:0
Round of 16
Emilia Vuc (ROU) - Patimat Bagomedova 12:1
Vicrotia Anthony (USA) - Shafag Muradzade 10:0


53 kg
Bronze medal match 
Samanta Stevart (CAN) -Anjela Dorogan 0:5 (touch)
1/2 final 
Anjela Dorogan - Momoka Kadoya (JPN) 2:4
1/4 final 
Caterine Carranza (COL) -Anjela Dorogan 0:10
Round of 16
Leyla Gurbanova -Anjela Dorogan 0:5
Sabina Hamzalzade - Samanta Stevart (CAN) 0:10

55 кг
Bronze medal match 
Shabnam Ahmadova -Alyona Kolesnik 1:6
Repechage bout 
Shabnam Ahmadova- Gulia Rodriges (BRA) 5:4
1/2 final 
Alyona Kolesnik - Nina Menkenova (RUS) 9:11
1/4 final 
Katarina Kravchik (POL) -Alyona Kolesnik 11:14 (touch)
Round of 16
Nina Menkenova (RUS) - Shabnam Ahmadova 10:1
Gulia Rodriges (BRA) - Solmaz Hashimzade 7:6
Ramona Galambosh (HUN) -Alyona Kolesnik 1:7

58 ko
No our representative

60 kg
xana Herhel (UKR) - Tatyana Omelchenko 4:1
1/2 final
Yingyan Han (CHN) -Tatyana Omel
chenko 3:3*
1/4 final
Tatyana Omel
chenko- Madina Bakbergenova (KAZ) 10:0
Irina Netreba - Ayako Ito (JPN) 3:6

63 kg
Bronze medal match 
Gambarova - Ayana Gempei (JPN) 1:4
Repechage bout
Katerina Lopez (CUB) -Elmira
Gambarova 0:5 (touch)
1/4 final 
Gambarova - Rui Hu (CHN) 0:12
Round of 16
Gambarova- Nade Dragunova (BLR) 9:0

69 kg
Bronze medal match 
Elis Manolova - Elmira Sizdikova (KAZ) 3:7
Repechage bout 
Yudari Sanchez (CUB) -Elis Manolova 3:5
1/4 final
Mariama Mensah (USA) - Elis Manolova 4:2
Round of 16
Zarina Kunangarayeva (KAZ) -Elis Manolova 2:4

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