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Sunday, 29 November 2015 02:18

GGP-2015: Greco-roman wrestlers gained 2 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals / PHOTO

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The final stage of the “Gold Grand Prix” international wrestling tournament dedicated to the memory of the nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev taking place in Baku Sport Hall has come to the end. About 450 strongest wrestlers of the planet from 41 countries competed at the tournament.

On the last day of the competitions were determined in Greco-roman wrestling in 59, 66, 71, 75, 80, 85, 98 and 130 kg weighting categories. Our wrestlers gained 2 gold, 3 silver and 4 bronze medals.

Beating all rivals Shalva Gadabadze (98 kg) and Sabah Shariati (130 kg) gained gold medals of the competitions. Kamran Mammadov (66 kg), Rustam Aliyev (71 kg) and Rafig Huseynov (80 kg) loosing only in the decisive bouts become runner ups of the tournament. Bronze medals to our team brought Eldaniz Azizli (59 kg), Hasan Aliyev (66 kg), Elvin Mursaliyev (80 kg) and Islam Abbasov (85 kg).

We would like to remind that our freestyle wrestlers gained 3 gold, 4 silver and 4 bronze and our females 1 silver medal.

So overall on the final stage of the “Gold Grand Prix” tournament dedicated to the memory of the nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev our wrestlers gained 5 gold, 8 silver and 8 bronze medals.

59 kg
Bronze medal bout
Eldaniz Azizli
- Yun Von Chol (PKR)8:0
Repechage bout
Soslan Daurov (BLR) -Eldaniz Azizli 7:8
1/4 final
Yun Von Chol (PKR) - Taleh Mammadov 6:4
Eldaniz Azizli - Almat Kapispayev (KAZ) 0:8
Round of 16
Elman Mukhtarov -Eldaniz Azizli 3:7
Taleh Mammadov- Ibrahim Labazanov (RUS)2:1
Yun Von Chol (PRK) - Murad Mammadov 10:0


80 kg
Rafig Huseynov - Lasha Gobadze (GEO) 4:4*
Bronze medal bout
Emin Ahmadov - Elvin Mursaliyev 3:4
Repechage bout
Emin Ahmadov -
Doghan Goktash (TUR) 3:2
1/2 final
Rafig Huseynov
- Aisha Aishan (CHN)11:0
Elvin Mursaliyev - Lasha Gobadze (GEO) 3:3*
1/4 final
Elvin Mursaliyev
- Yusif Gadejan (IRI)8:4
Rafig Huseynov- Bilan Nalgiev (RUS)5:2
Round of 16
Elvin Mursaliyev- Daniel Alekxsandrov (BUL)3:2
Emin Ahmadov - Lasha Gobadze (GEO) 0:4

66 kg
Kamran Mammadov -Mehdi Zeydvand (IRI) 0:2
Bronze medal bout
Ali Arslan (IRI) -Hasan Aliyev 3:6
1/2 final
Gerayi Mohammadali (IRI) -Kamran Mammadov 0:8
Mehdi Zeydvand (IRI) - Hasan Aliyev 8:0
1/4 final
Vuileksis Rivas (VEN) -Hasan Aliyev0:8
Zaur Kabaloyev (RUS) -Kamran Mammadov 2:3
Round of 16
Azad Aliyev -Hasan Aliyev 0:5
Vuileksis Rivas (VEN) - Ruhin Mikayilov 8:4
Kamran Mammadov- Daemeu Jadrayev (KAZ)4:0
Round of 32
Hasan Aliyev- Davor Stefanek (SRB)2:1

85 kg
Bronze medal bout 
Islam Abbasov
- Hossein Nouri (IRI)4:3
Repechage bout
Shahriyar Mammadov -Islam Abbasov 0:2
1/4 final
Davit Chakvetadze (RUS) - Islam Abbasov 5:4
Round of 16
Rasin Azizsir (GER) - Tural Dashdamirov 7:0
Davit Chakvetadze (RUS) - Shahriyar Mammadov 3:1
Islam Abbasov- Masato Sumi (JPN)8:0
Round of 32
Tural Dashdamirov- Yorgen Coba (VEN)2:0
Soltan Ismayilov - Rasin Azizsir (GER) 0:2

71 kg
Rustam Aliyev - Frank Stabler (GER) 0:2
1/2 final
Zang Ri Dong (CHN) -Rustam Aliyev 0:3
1/4 final
Rustam Aliyev
- Manuel Torres (VEN)6:0
Round of 16
Lima Dinz Da Silva Gil (BRA) -Rustam Aliyev 0:10
Ilkin Asgarov - Manuel Torres (VEN) 0:2

98 kg
Shalva Gadabadze
- Mehdi Aliyarifeyzi (IRI)1:0
Bronze medal bout
Orkhan Nuriyev - Di Hiao (CHN) 0:8
Repechage bout
Joe Rau (USA) -Orkhan Nuriyev 0:5
1/2 final
Rustam Totrov (RUS) -Shalva Gadabadze 2:3
1/4 final
Mahdi Aliyarifeyzi (IRI) - Orkhan Nuriyev 6:2
Shalva Gadabadze
- Suleyman Demirchi (TUR)3:0
Round of 16
Orkhan Nuriyev- Yusike Yamamoto (JPN)3:1
Samba Diong (FRA) -Shalva Gadabadze 0:3
Saman Tahmasibi - Suleyman Demirchi (TUR) 0:4

75 kg 
Round of 16
Amrah Mazanov - Dimitro Piskov (UKR) 0:8
Alabek Azizbekov (KGZ) - Shamistan Guluzade 4:3

130 kg
Sabah Shariati
- Nurmakhan Tinaliyev (KAZ)7:3
1/2 final
Behnam Mehdizade -Sabah Shariati 0:2
1/4 final
Robert Shmit (USA) -Sabah Shariati 0:6
Round of 16
Sabah Shariati- Heiki Nabi (EST)3:0
Oyan Nazariani - Osman Yildirim (TUR) 2:3

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