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Tuesday, 24 November 2015 13:09

Secretary-General of AWF: The strongest wrestlers of the planet will attend at “Golden Grand Prix” tournament / PHOTO

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On November 27-29 the final stage of “Golden Grand Prix” international wrestling tournament dedicated to the memory of the great leader Heydar Aliyev will be held in Baku. Female’s national team preparing to the competitions had opening training for media representatives.

Female wrestlers seriously prepare to the prestigious tournament will last 3 days. Last education-training camp is held in Olympic Wrestling Centre. On the opening training for media together with the members of the main team attended members of juniors’ team as well as wrestlers from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia and Columbia. Officials of Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation closely interest with the course of the preparations. The Secretary-General of the organization Ajdar Djafarov after the training answered journalists’ questions. The Secretary-General stated that preparation process is going on the high level:

“Golden Grand Prix” international tournament dedicated to the memory of the nationwide leader Heydar Aliyev takes one of the important places in the fixture of United World of Wrestling. As you know these competitions will be held for the eight times. Since 2008 one of the main tasks of us by the president of Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation Mr. Fazil Mammadov was gradually converting this tournament in one of the main competitions for world wrestling. The 1st vice-president of the federation Namig Aliyev having closely relations with United World of Wrestling and realized works beared fruits. If you pay an attention in recent years the strongest wrestlers of the planet compete at the “Grand Prix” tournament. Everyone wants to win here. All of these show how prestigious the tournament is. This time the format will be different. So in the final stage of the tournament will compete sportsmen showed best results on WC and continental scale championships. Entry forms of the sportsmen representatives of up to 40 countries addressed to our federation yet. There are names of world, European and Olympic champions in the list. In return we added names of the members of our main team to the squad. Moreover we intend to test some prominent young wrestlers. For sure we put a task of the team to gain maximum number of the medals. Some of our wrestlers will compete in different weighing categories. It’s stipulated as one of the parts of the preparation stage to Summer Olympic Games. I think the tournament will pass in quite tense fight. Particularly I would like to note that “Golden Grand Prix” tournament plays an important role in development of the whole and for sure Azerbaijan wrestling”.

We would like to note that it’s expected attendance of the strongest wrestlers from up to 40 countries on the final stage “Golden Grand Prix” international tournament dedicated to the memory of the great leader Heydar Aliyev. Competitions to be held on 27-29 November in Baku Sport Hall will be live broadcasted via “Idman Azerbaijan” TV channel.

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