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Friday, 25 July 2014 18:58

Opening Ceremony of Final “Golden Grand Prix” international tournament / PHOTO

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The official opening ceremony of the Final “Golden Grand Prix” international wrestling tournament, dedicated to the memory of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, was held at “Sarhadchi” Olympic Sports Center today. The first part of the ceremony included a concert by several artistes. Afterwards, the flags of the participating teams were presented to the audience.

Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Ismail Ismailov delivered a welcoming speech and spoke of the state care towards sports in the country and of our sportsmen’s achievements. Mr. Ismailovsaid that the national leader HeydarAliyev has always attached special attention to sports which contributes to moral upbringing, physical and intellectual development of youth: “Namely the attention and care of this genius man towards sports and physical education have brought Azerbaijani sports to such heights today. This process is now being successfully continued by the head of state IlhamAliyev. The sphere of sports and physical education is undergoing wonderful development in the country. Our sportsmen score worthy victories at esteemed tournaments, the physical infrastructure for sports is being constantly strengthened and we are expanding our international relations. It is not a coincidence that Azerbaijan is going to host the very first 2015 European Games. And this is the obvious example of Azerbaijan being known as a sports country in the world.” The Deputy Minister also said that wrestling was a national sport in Azerbaijan and had deep roots. Our sportsmen always being so successful, wrestling has constantly been in the center of attention of the government. “It is the 7th time that the “Golden Grand Prix” wrestling tournament, dedicated to the memory of the national leader HeydarAliyev, is being held. I believe that this tournament as well, like all the previous ones, will always be remembered in the history of Azerbaijani wrestling.”

FILA President Nenad Lalovic also delivered a speech at the ceremony and thanked the Azerbaijani government for such a high-level organization of the tournament and all the conditions created for sportsmen. He said that this tournament was one of the strongest competitions in the calendar plan of the International Wrestling Federation. He also noted that around 400 strongest sportsmen from 35 countries are competing at the final round of the “Golden Grand Prix” international wrestling tournament.

Afterwards the 1st Vice President of Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation, FILA Board Member Namig Aliyev was welcomed for his speech and he thanked the heads of FILA for trusting Azerbaijan to host such authoritative tournament, which is being held for the 7th time. Mr. Aliyev noted that Azerbaijan has turned into one of the sports center of the world thanks to the attention and care of the president of the Republic of Azerbaijan, president of the National Olympic CommitteeIlhamAliyev towards sports.

“Our country has been striving economically and it has positively influenced all spheres of life, including sports. It is the result of the targeted policy of the head of the country that sports in Azerbaijan are facing a peak period. There are the very first European Games ahead. Being the hosting country, many important measures are taken and new sports complexes are built in order to hold this international sports event at a high level. Our wrestlers as well are training hard for the 1st European Games. Our target is to better the achievements we scored at the London Summer Olympics. In the last several years Azerbaijani wrestlers have returned home from all esteemed international competitions, Europeans and World championships with great results. All of these achievements are another indicator of the general progress in Azerbaijan and the continuing development of wrestling in the country. I am sure that the 7th Final “Golden Grand Prix” international wrestling tournament dedicated to the memory of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, where 400 sportsmen from 35 countries are to compete, will be held under the conditions of fair game, our wrestlers will score great results and will once more commemorate our Great Leader and our guests will leave our city with best of impressions.”

He then wished luck to the participants of the championship and announced the tournament open.

Afterward everybody rose to the national anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the solemn opening ceremony of the tournament came to an end.

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