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Mariya Stadnik ikinci, Nataliya Sinişin dördüncü sıradadır / REYTİNQ
Sərbəst güləşçilərimizdən 7 nəfəri ilk onluqda / REYTİNQ
Ceremonial event dedicated to the sport totals of the 2016 was held / PHOTO
Our wrestlers during 2016 year gained 62 gold, 61 silver and 132 bronze medals
Cadets return from Kaspiysk gaining 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals / PHOTO
Cadet wrestlers will compete for prize of the world champion
Monday, 22 August 2016 18:31

New page in the history of Olympi Games – 9 medals / PHOTO

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Coming to the end Summer Olympic Games taking place in Rio-de-Janeiro opened new page in the history of Azerbaijan wrestling. Our athletes on the top event of the four years compare with previous Olimpic Games gained most number of medals. 9 of 14 wrestlers competing in Rio-de-Janeiro returned home with medals. 3 medals of silver and 6 of bronze standard.

In the first three day competing our Greco-roman wrestlers Rasul Chunayev (66 kg) and Sabah Shariati (130 kg) gained bronze medals. Our Greco-roman national team represented with 5 wrestlers under the supervision of the head coach Jamshid Kheyrabadi, senior coach Nuraddin Radjabov and coach Akif Aliyev gained 2 bronze medals and in traditional ranking of the United World Wrestling showed 3rd result.

In female wrestling ompetitions we were represented with 3 sportsmen. Competing under the supervision of the head coach Semyon Chterev our wrestlers gained 1 silver and 1 bronze medals. Mariya Stadnin (48 kg) loosing only in the final became runner up and Nataliya Sinishin (53 kg) fit bronze medal. With this result our female wrestling national team gained 4th palce in the traditional ranking of the United World Wrestling.

Our freestyle wrestling national team competing in the last three days wrote new page in our wrestling history. Our national team represented with 6 wrestlers under the supervision of the head coach Saypulla Absaidov and senior coach Firdovsi Umudov gained 5 medals – 2 silver and 3 bronze medals. Runners up are Togrul Asgarov (65 kg) and Khetag Gazyumov (97 kg) and bronze medals gained Haji Aliyev (57 kg), Jabrayil Hasanov (74 kg) and Sharif Sharifov (86 kg). According to the number of the medals and traditional ranking composed by United World Wrestling our team leaving behind all teams located on the 1st row.

According to the number of medals gaining in this wrestling discipline in Rio-de-Janeiro our wrestlers shared first row with Russia – 9 medals of each. Freestyle wrestling team on number of gaining medals became first.

Gaining in 1996 in Atlanta 1 silver, in 2000 in Sydeny 1 gold, in 2004 in Athens 1 gold, in 2008 in Beijing 2 silver and 2 bronze, overall 4 medals, in 2012 in London 2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze, overall 7 medals, in Rio-de-Janeiro getting 3 silver and 6 bronze medals, overall 9 medals opened new page in the history of our wrestling.

Having looked at the statistics we would observe growth of gaining medals at the top event of the 4 years every time. The only missing this time was gold medal. We believe in the future our wrestlers showing more decisiveness will do their best to improve quality of the medals and as always will rise our flag and sound our anthem.

Gaining these achievements, expediently work conducting by the governance of AWF and proper activity gives us a chance to look to the future positively. Then we intend to show better results in the next Sumer Olympic Games will be held in 4 years in Tokyo. So, good bye Rio-de-Janeiro and see you, Tokyo!

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