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Wednesday, 13 February 2013 16:46

Ajdar Jafarov: “I believe, IOC’s final decision will be pro wrestling”

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We found out the opinion of the secretary general of the Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation, Olympic Referee, Ajdar Jafarov regarding the information in mass media about the initiative of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to exclude wrestling from 2020 Summer Olympics. The secretary general says that the final decision has not been made yet:

“Wrestling is a sport with ancient historic traditions. The initiative of the International Olympic Committee to exclude wrestling from the Olympic Games caused great surprise and discontent in the entire world, as well as Azerbaijan. However, I would like to inform the entire wrestling community, as well as the wrestling fans, that it is only an initiative. The same initiative was raised after the Athens Summer Olympics, however the final decision then was made pro wrestling. We believe and hope that the same will happen this time and wrestling with millions of fans all over the world will not be excluded from the Olympic Games".

A.Jafarov says that regarding this initiative 8 kinds of sports will be presented at the meeting of the IOC Executive Committee in Saint Petersburg in May. He also added that the final decision regarding the issue will be made at the report Conference of IOC in capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires in September.

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