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Tuesday, 14 August 2012 10:07

The glorious page of our new history

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The finished London Summer Olympic Games were written on the Azerbaijani wrestling history with gold letters. Our athletes have put signatures of success on the summit competitions of the last 4 years so that they will be remembered within a long term.

Our country, participating in the Olympic Games as an independent state from Atlanta Olympic Games held in 1996 rejoiced over medals gained by our athletes. Namig Abdullayev, who obtained a silver medal in the aforementioned year, had got a gold medal in 2000 in Sidney Olympic Games. The other gold medal has been gained in 4 years in Athena by Farid Mansurov. In 2008, the Azerbaijani athletes gained 2 silver, two bronze and in total 4 medals in Peking Olympiad. Today our people are happy for great successes gained in 30-th London Summer Olympic Games. The gold medals of Togrul Asgarov and Sharif Sharifov, silver medals of Maria Stadnik and Rovshan Bayramov and bronze medals of Yuliya Ratkevich, Emin Ahmadov and Khetag Gazyumov were written on our glorious wrestling history with gold letters

Our wrestlers have demonstrated second results for the number of medals got in London.  As to our free-style wrestling team, it was one of 2 teams obtaining 2 gold medals as the US national team.

The other moment to be paid special attention was that the majority of wrestlers gaining medals were young and therefore they will be able to wrestle within a long term and with same success. And it is a result of the purposive work that each year we see new names, i.e. Azerbaijan each year presents new talented wrestlers to the world sport history.

It is to say that we are able to demonstrate higher results in the Summer Olympic Games to be held in 4 years in Rio de Janeiro. Therefore Good-by, London, hello Rio de Janeiro!
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