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Sunday, 21 May 2017 00:48

ISG-2017: female wrestlers gained 4 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medal / PHOTO

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Wrestling competitions within IV Islamic Solidarity Games taking place in our capital in Heydar Aliyev Sport Arena has finished. National teams on freestyle, Greco-roman and female wrestling competed at the Games.

On the last day of the competitions were determined winners in female wrestling in 48, 53, 55, 58, 60, 63, 69 and 75 kg weighting categories. Our wrestlers completed day gaining 4 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medal.

Mariya Stadnik (48 kg) in the first meeting gained early win within 34 seconds over Algerian Keyira Chairma Yahiaoi. The next bout was held in the evening session. In the meeting carrying final character Azerbaijan wrestler beating Turkish Evin Demirhan as well gained gold medal.

Our representative in 53 kg Leyla Gurbanova gaining in a row high superiority wins over rivals from Turkey Burju Kevij and Kazakhstan Aygul Nuralim won gold medal of the IV Islamic Solidarity Games.

Competing in 55 kg Natalya Sinishin gaining in the first bout high superiority win over Kazakhstan representative in the next one lost to Nigerian athlete. Beating in the last meeting Bediha Gun from Turkey our wrestler became runner up of the competitions.

Our another representative Alyona Kolesnik (58 kg) ended first bout to her favour. In the last bout carrying final character our wrestler loosing to Kirgizstan sportsman became runner up of the Games.

Tatyana Omelchenko (60 kg) in the first bout beating Tiako Essombeni from Cameroon and in the meeting carrying final character Turkish sportsman Gamze Nur Adakan became winner of the IV Islamic Solidarity Games.

Our representative in 63 kg Elmira Gambarova joined competitions from semifinal stage. Loosing in the semifinal Elmira took a mat for bronze medal match. Beating representative of Cameroon Elmira Gambarova became bronze medalist.

Competing in 69 kg Elis Manolova beating rivals from Cameroon and Turky reached the final. Gaining win in the final match over representative of Kazakhstan our wrestler gained gold medal of the Games.

Sabira Aliyeva (75 kg) held 4 bouts. Two of them she ended with high superiority win and lost in the rest two. With this result our wrestlers became runner up of the IV Islamic Solidarity Games.  

48 kg
1st round / Kheira Chaima Yahiaoui (ALG) -Mariya Stadnik 0:10
2nd round /Mariya Stadnik -Evin Demirhan (TUR) 10:0

53 kg
1st round /Leyla Gurbanova- Burju Kebic (TUR) 4:0 (tourche)
2nd round / Aygul Nuralim (KAZ) -Leyla Gurbanova 0:8

55 kg
1st round / Emma Tissina (KAZ) -Natalya Sinishin 0:5 (touche) 
2nd round / Odunayo Folasade Adekuoroye (NGR) - Natalya Sinishin 6:2
3rd round / Bediha Gun (TUR) -Natalya Sinishin 3:7

58 kg
1st round / Derya Bayhan (TUR) -Alyona Kolesnik 6:14
2nd round / Alyona Kolesnik - Aysulu Tinibekova (KGZ) 2:5

60 kg
1st round / J. Essombe Tiako (CMR) -Tatyana Omelchenko 0:6 (touche)
2nd round /Tatyana Omelchenko -Gamze Nur Adakan (TUR) 4:0 (touche)

63 kg
Bronze medal match - B.Etane Ngolle (CMR) -Elmira Gambarova 0:8
1/2 final - Elmira Gambarova - B.Oborududu (NGR) 0:4

69 kg
FINAL -Z.Bakbergenova (KAZ) -Elis Manolova 0:8 (touche)
1/2 final -Elis Manolova -Buse Tosun (TUR) 5:0 (touche)
1/4 final -Elis Manolova -B. Metala Epanga (CMR) 6:0 (touche)

75 kg
1st round / Irina Kazyulina (KAZ) -Sabira Aliyeva 6:8 (touche)
2nd round / Sabira Aliyeva- Samar Hamza (EGY) 0:5
3rd round / Ayperi Medet Kizi (KGZ) -Sabira Aliyeva 4:8 (touche)
4th round / Sabira Aliyeva - Yasemin Adar (TUR) 0:2

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