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Friday, 01 May 2015 12:16

The five-point throw reinstated at Greco-Roman wrestling / MODIFICATIONS

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The United World Wrestling has announced several rule modifications for Greco-Roman wrestling. These changes will take effect after several months of testing at upcoming international tournaments. The modifications include increased penalties for illegal actions, clarifications on awarding of points for push-outs and the return of the popular five-point throw.

The most significant rule modification will be the changes for illegal moves and actions. Previous illegal actions such as a leg foul, head butt or refusing the correct par-terre would result in a single “caution” for the offending wrestler. The new rules will now include an additional two points to the opponent. The same penalty applies to the wrestlers who fail to “open” (who interfere with the move) from the bottom position.

In order to keep wrestlers from engaging in too much pushing on the edge of the mat to score points, the rules for out-of-bounds infractions have also been modified and reinforced. Thus, according to the new rule, no points will be given for wrestlers who push their opponent out-of-bounds.

All gut wrench actions will be awarded two points, regardless if the action was executed over stretched arms. Previous rules stated only one point would be given. Awarding of points for consecutive gut wrenches remain as is.

In order to increase interest towards wrestling, United World Wrestling restored the popular grand amplitude throw and will once again reward five-points for throws where opponents are arched and land in a danger position.

To avoid too many disqualifications from cautions, passivity is no longer considered a caution -- the only cautionable actions are now fleeing the hold, fleeing the mat and other illegal actions. First violations result in a verbal warning while the second is the choice to enter forced par-terre. This choice is given at senior level only. Any passivity call beyond the second will result in one-point and the option for forced par-terre. The elimination of the forced par-terre will go into effect immediately at the cadet and junior level. The same decision at senior level will be made after the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.

Cadet, Junior and U-23 wrestlers will be subject to a verbal warning for their first passivity, an official passivity warning for the second and a point to the opponent for a third passivity. Every other passivity thereafter will result in a point. The match will not be stopped for the announcement of passivity and points resulting from passivity calls.

The next senior-level United World Wrestling competition to include the rule modifications will be the Asia Wrestling Championships May 6-11 in Doha, Qatar. The first cadet and junior competition will be the Pan American Junior Championships May 6-8 in Havana, Cuba.

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