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Thursday, 02 April 2015 15:24

AWF 1st Vice President Namik Aliyev: “We work for victory only”

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The freestyle wrestling World Cup will be held in Los Angeles, the United States of America, on 11-12 April.

The AWF 1st Vice President Namik Aliyev answered the journalists’ questions after announcing the members of the national team to leave for the tournament:

“The main team has been announced. I think we have chosen the best possible team for the tournament. The first European Games will be held after the World Cup. And the World Championship will start 3 months after that. Each one of these championships is important for us and we do our best for our wrestlers to perform well in all of these three tournaments. Talking about the team to leave for the World Cup, I have to say that the team includes both quite experienced and young sportsmen. I believe they will prove themselves during the tournament.”

“We considered many factors while choosing wrestlers. We analyzed the strong sportsmen in each weight class among our rival teams and tried to include two wrestlers on the team for those categories. We have considered all of these little details.”

“Azerbaijani wrestling has reached such a high peak that the entire world considers us the favorite team to win. In our turn, in every given tournament we fight to become the firsts. Coming in 2nd or 3rd does not suffice. The sportsmen also understand that they have to compete to come in 1st. We work for victory only.”

We would like to note that our freestyle wrestling national team will compete in group “B” against the teams from Iran, Belarus and Turkey.

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