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Namiq Əliyev sərbəst güləşçilərin məşqini izləyib / FOTO
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Monday, 28 August 2017 11:39

Firdovsi Umudov: Our next target is Tokyo Summer Olympic Games / PHOTO

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Last night our freestyle wrestlers gaining 1 gold and 1 bronze medal at the mundial, taking place in the capital of France Paris, returned home.

At the meeting ceremony being organized in the airport the head coach of the national team Firdovsi Umudov answering journalists questions touching magnificence of Haji Aliyev’s win and stressed that this win will be sample for future generation:

“We joined competition in 7 weighting categories. One of our medal hopes Jamalatdin Magomedov didn’t get the squad. We wrestled with 4 athletes in 7 weighting categories. As you know in 57 and 70 kg we prefer young wrestlers. But those juniors didn’t come up with expectations. Perhaps in the future they will be taken measures and the squad of the national team will be reconsidered. In general in regard with these wins I congratulate each of you and our people entirely. This phenomenal win gained by Haji Aliyev is a grandiose win. Haji is 26 years old and during this time he became 3 times world champion. Despite on anything we passed high preparation process. And there we were leading analysis after each bout.

Today Haji wrote the history and this is a huge sample and big school for future generation. As a head coach I would like to see as many wrestlers like Haji as it’s possible. I also believe that in future we will see a lot of such sportsmen. As after every world championship and Olympic Games there is a big flow to the wrestling and in the future there will be more Hajis. It was last competition for Haji in 61 kg weighting category. Our target in Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. Haji will prepare to that competition in 65 kg”.

At the championships where Russia didn’t manage to get gold medal gaining by Azerbaijan gold medal was highly evaluated by the head coach who also noted that it’s the result of attention and caress to the sport and sportsmen in our country. Also he stressed that this happen owing to good preparation process being held during a year:

“Famous wrestling school like Russia didn’t manage to gain gold medal. But Azerbaijani wrestling school said its word and gained gold medal. To get this success is the result of the caress to sport and sportsmen by our state and personally the head of the state Mr. Ilham Aliyev. The governance of the federation headed by the president of the Federation Mr. Fazil Mammadov, 1st vice-president Namig Aliyev are always with us. Successful performance of our wrestlers today is the result of the attention and caress of the governance of Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation as well as our government.

Upon departure in my interview I said about surprises. One of these surprises were gaining by Haji Aliyev title of the world champion for the third time and saying his word in the team. After Hetag Gazyumov gaining by Aslanbek Alborov bronze medal of the mundial says about progress in the team yet. First of all it should be discipline in the team. It should be looked at the preparation process from proper position.

We hoped on gold medal in the team. At the beginning of the year we had education-training camps in Kyslovodsk, Dagestan and Baku. We attended at control tournaments. Result gaining at World Cup and at the background of all this gave us a ground to expect good results at World championships. The result of the high education-training camp is Haji Aliyev in 5 bouts gave rivals only 2 points. He beat all rivals with high superiority”.

Saying that gaining win went down in history Firdovsi Umudov stressed importance not to indulge in the euphoria:

“Haji Aliyev wrestled in 61 kg by his own will. He wanted to meet in the final with Khinchegashvili, but it didn’t come off, Georgian sportsmen lost in the semifinal to Russian representative. In the decisive bout Haji gained 7:1 win over Russian wrestler, 30 seconds till the end of the meeting he till putting his rival flat on his back gained clear win. This victory already left in the past and no need to indulge in the euphoria. We have to look forward only.

We are very proud that in the capital of France Paris was raised our flag and sounded anthem. As you know there is a big Armenian Diaspora there. Raising our flag and sounded our anthem there made us very proud. Our compatriots living there supported us very well at the arena. Our next target is Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. Continuing our preparations and we will try to achieve successes in there as well”.

Firdovsi Umudov also stated that team’s squad will be reconsidered again and juniors and cadets would be given more preference:

“Team’s squad will be reconsidered again and juniors and cadets would be given more preference. As today’s cadets are future Olympic champions and medalists. As I always noted each of us is our country’s soldiers, we are obliged to defend sport honour of our country at each competition. We always tried to do that and would continue to do so”.
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