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Sunday, 10 August 2014 21:51

JWC-2014 Last Day: Mirjalal Hasanzadeh won a silver medal / VIDEO

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The Junior World Wrestling Championship has finished in Zagreb, Croatia.

The junior freestylers in 55, 66, 84 and 120 kg weight classes joined the competition on the last day of the tournament. Our wrestlers completed the day with 1 silver medal.

In 55 kg weight class Mirjalal Hasanzadeh performed confidently until the final round, having scored victories by fall against Kazakhstani and Japanese wrestlers and with a great score against the Georgian sportsman. He then had quite an intense match against the representative from the USA, but managed to scrape a win. Unfortunately he lost the final bout against the Russian wrestler with a minimal score and became the silver medalist of the World Championship.

In 84 kg category Nurmohammed Hajiyev started off well, winning against sportsmen from Belarus, Georgia and Russia. He then lost to the Kazakhstani wrestler in the semifinal. He was supposed to compete against the representative from the USA for the bronze medal, however could not wrestle due to an injury. Thus, Nurmohammed Hajiyev ranked fifth in the championship.

55 kg
1/16 final – Vladimir Kurdin (KAZ) – Mirjalal Hasanzadeh 4:10 (victory by fall)
1/8 final – Mirjalal Hasanzadeh – Issei Oshiro (JPN) 3:0 (victory by fall)
4 final – Giorgi Lejava (GEO)  Mirjalal Hasanzadeh 1:10
1/2 final – Gilman Thomas (USA) – Mirjalal Hasanzadeh 2:5
FINAL – Azmet Tuskaev (RUS) – Mirjalal Hasanzadeh 4:3

1/16 kg – Aren Alekyan (ARM) – Murad Suleymanov 0:6 (the video of the bout will soon be uploaded into the website)
1/8 final – Haydar Yavuz (TUR) – Murad Suleymanov 10:16
1/4 final – Murad Suleymanov – Rasul Arsanaliyev (RUS) 5:8 (our wrestler could not continue competing due to an injury)

84 kg
1/16 final – Nurmohammed Hajiyev – Dzianis Kramiankov (BLR) 12:2
1/8 final – Nurmohammed Hajiyev – Giorgi Chkartishvili (GEO) 14:4
1/4 final – Nurmohammed Hajiyev – Haji Rajabov (RUS) 5:2
1/2 final – Azamat Dauletbekov (KAZ) – Nurmohammed Hajiyev 8:1
Bronze medal match – Dean Gabe (USA) – Nurmohammed Hajiyev 5:0 (victory given to the competitor because our wrestler was injured)

120 kg
1/16 final – Akbar Yelibaylu (KAZ) – Oyan Nazariani 3:13
1/8 final – Gennadi Judinovich (GER) – Oyan Nazariani 3:12
1/4 final – Oyan Nazariani – Adam Coon (USA) 2:8

We would like to remind our readers that Mohammedhaji Mukhutov (74 kg) won a silver and Vurghun Aliyev (60 kg) a bronze medal on the first day of the freestyle matches.

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