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Tuesday, 05 August 2014 23:31

YWC-2014 Day 1: 2 victories over Armenians and 3 gold medals / PHOTO-VIDEO

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The Youth World Wrestling Championship has started in Zagreb, Croatia.

Greco-Roman wrestlers in 50, 60, 74 and 96 weight classes competed on the first day of the championship. Our wrestlers completed the first day with 3 gold medals.

Our representative in 50 kg weight class Ibrahim Nurullayev held his first bout against the Armenian wrestler and won with absolute superiority. He then won against Korean and Kazakhstani representatives and reached the final round. This time he scored a victory against the Ukrainian sportsman and became the owner of the gold medal.

In 60 kg Elman Mukhtarov performed confidently up to the final, winning against his rivals from Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Finland and France. He had to compete against the Armenian wrestler in the final bout. After a very intense match our sportsman chose the right tactics and won the gold medal of the championship.

In 96 kg weight category Orkhan Nuriyev started off with a victory against the Chinese wrestler. He then consequently won against rivals from Poland, Bulgaria and Norway and reached the final. This time he scored a victory against the Korean representative and became the champion.

50 kg
1/8 final – Ibrahim Nurullayev – Slavik Galstyan (ARM) 8:0
1/4 final – Ibrahim Nurullayev – Kin Juhyeon (KOR) 7:0
1/2 final – Ibrahim Nurullayev – Kanagat Akilbek (KAZ) 11:2
FINAL – Olexey Jabskiy (UKR) – Ibrahim Nurullayev 2:9

60 kg
1/16 final – Elman Mukhtarov – Kali Sulaymanov (KGZ) 10:2
1/8 final – Elman Mukhtarov – Yahor Beliak (BLR) 7:1
1/4 final – LauriMahonen (FIN) – Elman Mukhtarov 0:9
1/2 final – Yajin Ozay (FRA) – Elman Mukhtarov 2:8
FINALElman Mukhtarov – Karen Aslayan (ARM) 4:1

74 kg
1/16 final – Sanan Alimirzayev – Gela Bolkvadze (GEO) 1:2

96 kg
1/16 final – Abudurekhiti Alimujiang (CHN) – Orkhan Nuriyev 0:4
1/8 final – Orkhan Nuriyev – Alexander Kroczak (POL) 9:1
1/4 final – Orkhan Nuriyev – Eugeni Ganchev (BUL) 4:0
1/2 final – Felix Baldauf (NOR) – Orkhan Nuriyev 4:8
FINAL – Kim Seungjun (KOR) – Orkhan Nuriyev 0:2

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