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Wednesday, 21 August 2013 20:59

CWC-2013 second day: 2 gold and 1 bronze medals / PHOTO

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World Cadet Wrestling Championship continues in Zrenjanin, Serbia. The Greco-Roman wrestlers in 42, 46, 69, 76 and 85 kg categories wrestled on the second day of the championship. Our wrestlers won 2 gold and 1 bronze medals.

On the first day of the tournament our Greco-Roman team had won 1 gold medal. Thus, overall winning 3 gold and 1 bronze medals our team scored 53 points and ranked second in team classification. The Russian team holds the first place with 62 points and the Kyrgyz team ranked third with 42 points.

42 kg
Seymur Husseinov started off with a victory against the Turkish wrestler (8:2) in the 1/8 final, but he lost his following bout to the Kyrgyz wrestler (1:7). He received second life, once his rival reached the final. However, Seymur Husseinov could not take advantage of this chance. Seymur lost to his competitor from the USA (5:6) in the repechage match and completed the championship without a medal.

46 kg
Kanan Jafarov
joined the competition from 1/8 final and won against the Bulgarian (7:0) and Hungarian (11:9) wrestlers. However, he then lost to the Iranian representative (5:7) in the semifinal. Kanan Jafarov scored a brilliant victory against the Belorussian sportsman (6:0) in the decisive match for the medal and became the owner of the bronze medal of the world championship.

69 kg
Mehraj Karimov won against the Kyrgyzstani sportsman (3:1) in the 1/16 final, but then lost to the wrestler from the USA (1:7) in the 1/8 final and had to leave the tournament.

76 kg
Islam Abbasov
started off from 1/16 final and reached the final without any obstacles. He consequently scored confident victories against the Kyrgyzstani (7:0, victory by fall), Belorussian (8:0), Armenian (7:0) and Russian (9:0) wrestlers. In the final our wrestler once again gave no chance to his Hungarian rival (8:0) and became the world champion. In all these matches Islam Abbasov scored overall 39 points and did not give a chance to score even one point to any of his rivals.

85 kg
Soslan Fanziyev
as well started off from 1/16 final and reached the final. On the way, he won against the sportsmen from Kazakhstan (7:0), Belorussia (11:3), Bulgaria (5:0) and Iran (4:0). In the final our wrestler competed against the Turkish sportsman. After an interesting and tense match, Soslan Fanziyev scored a victory by fall and became the gold medalist of the tournament.

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