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Friday, 17 August 2012 13:35

Cadet wrestlers’ world championship held in Baku

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The world championship of cadet wrestlers will be held in Baku on August 21 through 27 on the styles of free, Greco-Roman, female and beach wrestling. The athletes of about 40 countries of the world will participate in the competition.

It is to be noted that the competition was reinstated by FILA after 12 years interval from the last year and following Hungary, Azerbaijan has been entitled to organize this championship. The sole difference will be a fact of acceptance by our country the wrestling style of beach.

According to the program of the world championship, on July 21 through 22, there will be determined winners among free style wrestlers. On July 23 through 24, champions amongst cadet female wrestlers will be announced.  The Greco-Roman wrestlers will start to competitions on July 25-26. The world championship to be organized in Heydar Aliyev sport-concert complex will be taken place on 10 weight categories.

And finally, the beach competitions will be held on July 27 in “Crescent Beach”.  Winners will be determined accordingly on 3 and 2 weight categories in competitions of free-style and cadet female wrestlers.

According to the program, the competitions will be commenced each day at 14:00 and on Saturday and Sandy at 10:00.

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