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Wednesday, 21 January 2015 12:54

Our cadet wrestlers at “Yadegar Imam Cup” international tournament

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The international “Yadegar Imam Cup” cadet wrestling tournament will be held in Meshed, Islamic Republic of Iran, on 29-30 January 2015. Our national freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling teams will participate at the tournament.

10 Greco-Roman wrestlers will join the tournament under coaches Islam Jafarov and Fuad Aliyev. Our country will be represented by Mirsiraj Hasanli (42 kg), Ramal Ahadli (46 kg), Nuragha Yusifli (50 kg), Khanjavad Majidzadeh (54 kg), Mohammedali Hasanli (58 kg), Jeyhun Nasirov (63 kg), Javanshir Gasimov (69 kg), Nazarshah Fatullayev (76 kg), Yashar Zamanov (85 kg) and Rauf Mammadli (100 kg).

Our freestyle wrestling team includes Shahin Mukhtarov (42 kg), Intigam Velizadeh (46 kg), Aliabbas Rzazadeh (50 kg), Kanan Aghamaliyev (54 kg), Fazil Hasanov, Fizuli Husseinov (both 58 kg), Orkhan Abbasov (63 kg), Ismail Abdullayev (69 kg), Ravil Babazadeh and Ahliman Guliyev (both 76 kg). They will participate in the tournament under Senior Coach Nazim Alijanov and Coach Vahid Mammadov.

International referee Babek Allahverdiyev will also join the tournament as a judge.

According to the program of the tournament we will find out the winners among freestylers in 42, 50, 58, 69 and 85 kg weight classes and among Greco-Roman wrestlers in 46, 54, 63, 76 and 100 kg categories on 29 January. The freestylers will wrestle in 46, 54, 63, 76 and 100 kg categories and the Greco-Roman wrestlers will compete in 42, 50, 58, 69 and 85 kg weight classes on the second day of the tournament.

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