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Sərbəstlər Avropa Oyunlarına hazırlığı İran güləşçiləri ilə birgə davam etdirir
Gənc güləşçilərimiz Antalya turnirində son gün 1 qızıl və 1 bürünc medal qazandı / FOTO
Antalya turnirinin ikinci günündə 2 gümüş və 2 bürünc medal / FOTO
Gənclər Antalyada ilk gün 2 qızıl və 1 bürünc medal qazandı / FOTO
Junior wrestlers facing a challenge in Antalya / TEAM
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Monday, 03 June 2013 12:25

Our wrestlers have won 30 medals in the last 10 days

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Since 20 May our wrestlers have participated in 5 international tournaments in different age groups. The last 10 days can be considered quite lucky for our national team, who, overall, has won 14 gold, 4 silver and 12 bronze medals.

Our team was represented by 3 sportsmen at the “Yadigar Imam Cup” traditional international Greco-Roman wrestling tournament held in Gum, Islamic Republic of Iran, and won 1 gold and 1 bronze medal.

Our wrestlers won 3 gold medals at the traditional international freestyle wrestling tournament, dedicated to the memory of five-time world champion Ali Aliyev, held in Makhachkala, Dagestan. This tournament has always passed in tight competition. This time new rules were applied at the matches.

Our female wrestlers have essayed their powers in Gotzis, Austria. Our sportswomen won 3 gold and 2 bronze medals and demonstrated that they were level with our male-wrestlers.

Our national teams in all three types of wrestling participated at the “Champions” traditional international junior tournament, held in Ankara. Our wrestlers won 15 medals overall and completed the tournament successfully.

Out of these medals, Greco-Roman wrestlers won 1 gold, 1 silver and 4 bronze medals, freestyle wrestlers 3 bronze medals and female wrestlers 4 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal.

Our cadet freestyle wrestler lived up to expectations by winning 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal at the open country tournament, dedicated to the memory of Suragat Asyatilov, held in Khebda, Dagestan.

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