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Friday, 25 December 2015 20:19

In the first day of Azerbaijan championship competed freestyle wrestlers / PHOTO

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Seniors’ wrestling Azerbaijan championship has kicked-off in Baku Sport Hall.

Taking a speech at the opening ceremony of the championship the vice-president of Azerbaijan Wrestling Federation Elchin Djafarov told about attention and caress of the president Ilham Aliyev to the physical training and sport including wrestling in Azerbaijan. Mentioned gaining successes of Azerbaijani athletes at the international arenas E.Djafarov added that our sportsmen are on the threshold of the serious test. He said that up to this day Azerbaijani athletes gained 11 licenses to the Summer Olympic Games would be held in Rio-de-Janeiro. The future task is to increase number of the licensees and at the upcoming Olympic Games continue success gained up to this day.

E.Djafarov also stated that active attendance of Azerbaijan at the Olympic movement, high achievements of our sportsmen in the level with showing the potential of our country is another demonstration of caress to the sport by the government. The development of the sport in our country is connected to the name of the great leader Heydar Aliyev. Currently the policy of the nationwide leader is successfully continues by his successor president of National Olympic Committee and head of the state Ilham Alilyev.

Then national anthem of the Republic of Azerbaijan was sounded. Opening ceremony continued by the festive part.

In the first day of the competition competed 152 athletes in 57, 61, 65, 70 and 74 kg weighting categories.

Mahir Amiraslanov (57 kg), Djahid Hasanzada (61 kg), Agahuseyn Mustafaeyv (65 kg), Gitinomagomed Gadjiyev (57 kg) and Djabrayil Hasanzada (74 kg) beating all rivals gained gold medals of Azerbaijan championship.

Sportsmen gaining first three places were presented by AWF appropriated diplomas, medals and money awards. These wrestlers will call up to the squad of the national team and will be provided with complete set of the sport wear. 

57 kg 
Mahir Amiraslanov
- Bahar Djalali 3:2
Bronze medal bout 
Etibar Hadjiyev -Parviz Ibrahimov 4:9
Mirdjalal Hasanzade 
1/2 final

Mahir Amiraslanov- Parviz Ibrahimov 2:1
Yaşar Aliyev -Bahar Djalali 3:5


61 kq

Zəlimxan Vəliyev - 
Cahid Həsənzadə 1:7
Bürünc medal görüşü 
Qadisa Qeriya -Mahal Novruzov 12:13
Əli Rəhimzadə- Seyidmustafa Damadi 5:4
1/2 final
Mahal Novruzov -Zalimkhan Valiyev 8:14
Djahid Hasanzade- Seyidmustafa Damadi 8*:8

65 kg 
Teymur Mammadov - Agahuseyn Mustafayev 1:2
Bronze medal bout 
Rakif Mammadov -
Vurgun Aliyev 3:1
Agabey Ramazanov -Mohammad Muslumov 0:10
1/2 final

Teymur Mammadov- Vurgun Aliyev 7:4
Agahuseyn Mustafayev- Mohammad Muslumov 9:6

70 kg
Gitinomagomed Gadjiyev
- Ruslan Ahmadov 14:4
Bronze medal bout 
Fuad Mammadov -Emin Azizov 4:8
Anvarbek Dalgatov- Shohrat Abakarov 13:2
1/2 final

Gitinomagomed Gadjiyev- Emin Azizov 5:4
Ruslan Ahmadov- Shohrat Abakarov 3:1

74 kg 
Murad Suleymanov - Djabrayil Hasanov 
Bronze medal bout 
Ashraf Aliyev
- Murad Huseynli 11:0
Kanan Aliyev- Sarkhan Mammadov 10:0
1/2 final 

Murad Suleymanov- Ashraf Aliyev 5:2
Djabrayil Hasanov- Kanan Aliyev 5:1

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