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Thursday, 29 June 2017 13:28

JEC-2017: young girls become fifth

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Wrestling juniors European championships taking place in Dortmund, Germany is going on.

In the third day of the competitions determined winners among female wrestlers in 44, 51, 59 and 67 kg weighting categories.

Our representative in 51 kg Tatyana Vorontsova beat in a row rivals from Hungary and France. Loosing in the semifinal bout to Russian sportsman got a right for bronze medal match. Loosing in the decisive bout to Belorussian athlete Tatyana completed European championships on the fifth place.

Competing in 67 kg Jeyla Nagizade lost in the first bout to Russian representative. With reaching the rival the final our wrestler joined repechage bout and beat rival from Ukraine. Getting right for bronze medal match Jeyla in the decisive meeting lost to Romanian sportsman and as well as her teammate completed Euro on the fifth place.

44 kg 
1/4 final - Esra Koch (TUR) - Zelfira Alakbarli 8:0

51 kg 
Round of 16Tatyana Vorontsova - Kristina Vancza (HUN) 8:0
1/4 final - Hilary Honorine (FRA) - Tatyana Vorontsova 2:8
1/2 final - Ksenia Nezgovorova (RUS) - Tatyana Vorontsova 4:0
Bronze medal match - Katsiarina Pichkuskaya (BLR) - Tatyana Vorontsova 2:0

59 kg 
Round of 16 - Laman Gurbanova - Emma Johansson (SWE) 0:4

67 kg 
1/4 final - Jeyla Nagizade - Khanim Valiyeva (RUS) 0:11
Repechage bout - Yuliya Lisovska (UKR) - Jeyla Nagizade 0:6
Bronze medal match - Jeyla Nagizade - Aleksandra Angel (ROU) 0:4

You can watch the course of the competitions by the following link.

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