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Sunday, 07 May 2017 07:09

Euro-2017: Ruhin Mikayilov became fifth

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Seniors European championships taking place in Novi Sad, Serbia has finished.

In the last day of the championships Greco-roman wrestlers in 71, 75, 80 and 85 kg weighting categories joined the competition.

Our representative in 75 kg Ruhin Mikayilov beat in a row rivals from Denmark and Ukraine. Loosing in the semifinal to Russian Chingiz Labazanov got a right for bronze medal match. In the decisive bout his rival was Belorussian wrestler. But the meeting was not successful to our wrestler and Ruhin Mikayilov completed European championships on the fifth place.

71 kg
1/4 final - Abuiazid Mantsigov (RUS) - Hasan Aliyev 2:1
Round of 16 -Hasan Aliyev- Knut Zakarias Tallroth (SWE) 3:2
Round of 32 -Hasan Aliyev- Nikita Masjuks (LAT) 8:0

75 kg
Bronze medal match- Kazbek Kilou (BLR) - Ruhin Mikayilov 9:1
1/2 final - Chingiz Labazanov (RUS) - Ruhin Mikayilov 4:1
1/4 final -Ruhin Mikayilov- Yevgen Pyshkov (URK) 4:3
Round of 16 - Rajbek Alvievich Bisultanov (DEN) -Ruhin Mikayilov 1:2

80 kq
Round of 16 - Aslan Atem (TUR) - Emin Ahmadov 8:0

85 kg
Repechage bout - Arif Niftullayev - Yuriy Shkriuba (UKR) 2:11
Round of 16 - Metehan Bashar (TUR) - Arif Niftullayev 2:1

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